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We had a super time at the Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre – It was wonderful to see so many VeggieVision viewers coming up and saying hi to Debbie and I on the stall. 

HUGE thanks to everyone who bought our VeggieVision goody bags and the positive feedback was really appreciated. We will definitely be selling our goody bags again – stuffed full of freebies! 

It’s been a whirlwind few days – We had a super meeting with healthy eating guru Gillian McKeith on Monday – what a fun and bubbly lady. She is very supportive about what we are doing. 

I also did a radio interview with BBC Surrey – You can listen again until Thursday I am on at around 48 mins and 30 seconds if you want to check it out!

We are uploading new programmes, editing the VeggieVision radio programmes, developing the internet TV system and promoting the VeggieVisionDating survey results. 

And here are some of the VeggieVisionDating results for you to enjoy!

+ Please do check out our team resources page  too – packed with personal development tools, E Lottery, vegan beauty products and the VeggieVisionCashback – where you can save money with over 1600 companies!

 Have a super day! 

Karin n the VeggieVision team

VeggieVisionDating SURVEY results

How people now find love:

38%  of people have used Online dating.

20% have gone on Blind dates

12% have taken part in speed dating

Other replies include

“I try to pull at the pub”

“Disco and hope”

“Met now husband after putting an advert in a magazine”

“Met Fiancé via FaceBook”

“I flirt with the rugby team”

“I just get chatted up all of the time”

Ideal First Date:

74% said that going for a meal is the ideal first date

14% would like to chat at a pub

12% would love the theatre

2% would love to go clubbing

Other romantic dates include:

Walking and adventure

Hike to watch a sunset while enjoying a glass of wine

A picnic

A delicious meal at home

Log cabin

Nature reserve

50% of people would rather go on a date with their current partner than Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

4% said that nothing would get in their way of dating Brad Pitt

10% said they would rather pass a date with Brad or Angelina for ice cream

Other replies include passing up on date with them for:

George Clooney

Russell Crowe

Johnny Depp

A vegan meal and good company

A pot of hummous.

52% of people say that it’s not up to the men to arrange a special date such as a Valentines celebration

20% say it should be both partners in the relationship

12 % said yes men should arrange the celebration

Other replies include

“It would be nice if he did but he never does”

56% are honest with their online profile

20% have said that it’s them on a very good day.

4% have used a fantasy photo

Other replies include that their profile is…

“Mostly true”

“I don’t have one – if I did I would exaggerate”

92 % would kiss on the first date

6% would not kiss on the first date


40% would be happy in a restaurant that has veggie and vegan options

40% would prefer a vegetarian restaurant


24% would prefer going for an Indian meal

8% would prefer going for an Italian meal

6% would prefer going for a Thai meal

2% Would prefer a raw vegan meal

Other replies include:

A classy restaurant

Middle Eastern



* Some people noted several options to this answer

Favourite Aphrodisiacs to get us into a romantic mood are:

Champagne 34%

Chocolate 28%

Asparagus 4%

Strawberries 4%

Other replies include:

“Nothing legal”

“Essential oils and Irish Whiskey”

“A Swedish woman”



More stories to follow! Xx


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