How to Go Veggie in Six Easy Steps!

June 15, 2010 at 5:18 pm

So when is now the right time to change your diet? 

1.  Decide and then go for it. Some say it’s the easiest and kindest way to live and eat. First, why do you want to go vegetarian and vegan?  Animals? Health? Environmental issues? What ever the answer write it down and put it somewhere you can see it. 

2.  Check out websites

     Veggie TV – www.veggievision.TV

     The Vegetarian Society –

     Viva! –

     The Vegan Society – 

     and get some understanding of the concept of vegetarianism.

     Knowledge is power and it’s great to have some answers to family

     and friends questions. 

3.  Check out ingredients to avoid: Gelatine, whey powder, animal rennet cheese and more. And don’t worry! This is not too difficult to get the hang of, and remember your personal note – why you have decided to cut out animal products in the first place.

4.  Go through your cupboards, fridge, and freezer and decide the best way forward for any non vegetarian products that you have. Maybe you would prefer to give them to someone who ‘needs’ them? A neighbour, family or even a homeless shelter – and if you tell them why you have gone vegetarian they may decide to join you on your vegetarian venture too!

5.  Depending on your financial situation gradually refurbish the insides of your kitchen cupboards with veggie friendly goods. Check out for The Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society symbol as well as supermarkets own vegetarian approved food. However supermarket criteria may not be as strict as your own so do check this out. 

6.  Have a browse through your local health shop and speak to the manager, check out Holland and Barrett for loads of veggie goodies too. You will be amazed at the food available such as fishless fingers, vegan sausages and burgers, soya, oat and rice milk, yoghurts & ice cream and all animal free! 

Well done! Being vegetarian and vegan is easy, healthy and kind. Stick with it and for moral support maybe join one national or even local vegetarian groups around the UK. 

Not only are you likely to now eat a healthy diet, you are saving the lives of around 4000 animals – and being much more environmentally friendly.


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