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“We are proud and honoured to let you know that  Wendy Turner Webster – the much loved vegan champion, TV presenter and author is writing for VeggieVision TV. Her fantastic outlook on life, compassion for animals and exciting news will be a regular addition to VeggieVision TV.

We welcome Wendy and can’t wait to tell you what she has been up too!”

With love and thanks – Karin @ VeggieVision TV

A Magical Day at Chancepixies

Late last year I was honoured to be asked to become Patron of Chancepixies Animal Rescue in Kent. The lovely Heidi and a beautiful greyhound called ‘Charm’ (pictured) met me at the train station and from there we went straight to the Centre so I could meet the animals.

Heidi and her husband David now run Chancepixies (no one knows for sure where the unusual name came from!) and they are committed to improving the lives of dogs in the UK through education, rescue and action, promoting responsible breeding and ownership.

Have a look at www.chancepixies.com for more info and to sign their petition which is calling for a change in the dog laws in the UK.

Chancepixies is celebrating its 2nd birthday at the Rescue Centre on the Bank Holiday Monday 30th May so I hope to see you there! (Don’t overshoot the mark or you’ll be in France!!)

An Ice Time Indoors for Charles

My pony Charles (Stychlands Charlemagne to give him his rather posh full title) has been spending quite a bit of time in his stable of late due to the bad weather.

My friend Monica looks after Charles and his pals at her stables in Staffordshire and was forced to keep them all tucked up in bed due to continued snow and ice and generally hazardous conditions.

Charles was not impressed however when the stable block flooded in the night following a burst water pipe… paddling in icy water with his bed floating around his knees was not to his majesty’s liking, as you can imagine.

Monica was not impressed either when she came downstairs at 6am and discovered the disaster (Charles made his younger brother in the stable next door cover his ears). Sixteen stables later – much later – I’d say Monica was lucky to still be breathing, let alone cursing. Roll on the spring!

Tears for Antonio

For a number of years now we have been taking on guinea pigs from The Mayhew Animal Home in north London.

All guinea pigs have great little characters but my beloved Antonio – who was left on the steps of the Mayhew early one morning – was particularly charismatic. Not only that but he was a true fighter, surviving two major operations (after £600 I did think that some guinea pig insurance might be worth looking into) – the first of which he was given a zero chance of coming out the other side.

That was some three years ago however and we have always been so glad that we listened to our hearts and not the vet’s grim prognosis. A few weeks ago however it was obvious that Antonio was now an old man and wouldn’t be with us for much longer.

Sadly his timing was not great and he was the last of the ‘it comes in threes’ scenario… a dear friend committed suicide, another dear friend died suddenly of cancer and then bugger me if Antonio didn’t lie down on his side in his hutch, letting me know that his time too had finally come.

I took him in my arms and stroked him for his last few minutes, tears pouring down onto his silky black fur. At this point the phone rang.

It was my husband Gary who was letting me know that he was at Waterloo Station and on his way home.

Between racking sobs I told him about Antonio and then handed the phone over to Freddie, our youngest son (7). Gary told Freddie to pass the phone on to Nanny Kathleen (Gary’s mum was sitting watching Emmerdale in the front room, completely unaware of Antonio’s plight).

As I was too upset to speak or move Gary wanted to explain the situation to Kath… but being of a ‘senior age’ and somewhat deaf in one ear she somehow got the idea that Gary was talking about Freddie and not Antonio…

“I’m afraid he’s not at all well,” said Gary.

“Oh dear,” replied Kath, “Still, he looked alright to me…”

“Oh no,” Gary continued, “I’m afraid, well, he’s dying.”

“What?!” cried Kath, stifling a sob, tearing her attention away from her Emmerdale (and that takes some doing!).

“Yes,” Gary ploughed on. “So I’ve told Wendy to put him in a box with some straw.”

“Oh no, Gary! You can’t do that to poor little Freddie!”


And so the mistake was realised and Freddie was spared from an eternal sleep in a shoe box. Antonio passed away just moments later and Kath and I broke open the wine to drown our sorrows (and for her to get over her earlier shock).

We have two Mayhew guinea pigs left now – Snowflake and Tara – but if any more waifs and stray come in they can be assured of a warm welcome here in Kingston.

Earth Friendly Kids get a big Webster ‘Wow’!

Jack and Freddie have been trying out an array of products from Earth Friendly Kids. They are animal friendly, fresh and zingy and because you don’t need to use much to get a good result they seem to be really good value for money.

The Minty Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash has been a particular favourite, closely followed by the Citrus Handwash. They are on the shelves in Waitrose or you can order by phone or online. Call 0845 310 4411 or go to www.earthfriendlykids.co.uk

A Mouse in the House

OK, not just one mouse, but at the last count my dad had caught and released some 30 mice from under the kitchen sink. Mum, however, reckons it could be just the one mouse who keeps coming back for the tit bits which are left at the back of the trap!

Anyway, well done to Ma and Pa Turner for flying the humane flag (is there anything more disgusting than those glue traps?) and for subscribing to the view that rodents too have a right to life.

Dad once famously fed a family of rats who had taken up residence in the garden and we all spent many a happy time watching them from the living room window. Then the babies came… and came… and then some more came… Anyway, over time they slowly disappeared. Perhaps they met a hungry mouse on their travels and told him of a house they knew of….

That’s it folks – more Turner’s Tales on Veggie Vision next month. Lots of love, Wendy xxx

For more information about Wendy please check out Twitter on @turnerwebster and check out: www.bluetigerproductions.co.uk

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