2011 Social Trends – The year of the Plantarians, Vegans and Vegetarians

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Plant Based Diets – A Growing Trend.

We welcome THE Tony Bishop Western, Author, PR, Writer, VV Presenter – and Pirate.

By Valentines Day 2011 it became clear that 2011 was to be the year that Donald Watson and his generations of vegan followers had only dreamed of before. In their November edition, Food & Wine announced that vegetables are going to be one of 2011’s stars. The New York Times reported “Vegetables Are the New Meat,” citing the resurgence of vegetable-centric dishes on menus around the country.

Chinese Year of the Rabbit

Plantarian and One World Day were launched by Foods for Life Health and Nutrition Consultancy on January 1st 1:1:11 specifically to target people interested in health, but scared off Veganism by the image of animal rights activists painted by corporate media propaganda.

As we entered the Chinese year of the Rabbit a number of mouth opening events had all ready begun to crash into the news reviews and blogs filling the internet with vegan and vegetarian excitement. and the shops were full of vegan haggis to celebrate Burns night by 25th January.

The mission of One World Day is to set a new world record for sustainable, healthy plant based living by 11:11:11. You can help by a simple pledge, encouraging your friends to pledge and sending an RSVP for the global One World Day event on November 1st.

A Vegan President

We’d been teased with the prospect of a vegan president before when vegan senator Dennis Kuchinich had run for office but this was world famous McDonalds, Big Mac loving Bill Clinton. Clinton announced in a variety of TV interviews that he was on a plant based diet trial following research that showed an 80% success rate for treating heart disease complications. He was back to his college weight – some thought Big McClinton was ill though he’d never looked so good in recent years. Let’s hope his personal epihany and enlightenment makes it into the Solutions offered by The Clinton Global initiative. See Bill Clinton

Vegan Disneyland

It never really seemed right that you meet all your favourite animal characters at Disneyland and then eat them. Disneyland so clean and tidy, spick and span, healthy well washed rosy cheeked, slim and gorgeous, Disneyland with chips and burgers and sugar and saturated fat on every corner. That was until a Vegan Cupcake counter opened where a McDonalds once stood. OMG! See Disneyland

Vegetable Based School Dinners

President Obama ‘s new law the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act , expands federal funds for school lunches and designates $40 million to farm-to-school initiatives. Forty-six states now have farm-to-school programs, many of which are bearing fruit. More than a million school-age children in New York City’s public schools are eating four times the amount of apples than they ever have because of a new partnership with local apple producers. In Chicago, 300,000 kids in public schools eat locally-produced vegetables in school lunches year-round. And in Atlanta, 81,000 students in the public school system will soon enjoy the gardens being planned for each school, and a wellness curriculum that integrates their harvesting. A number of UK schools have now embraced Meat Free Mondays. See Healthy School Dinners

University Challenge

Results from the massive EPIC / Oxford university trial revealed the UK and USA government had been telling porky pies when it said we should all eat 5 a day, there was no evidence for this figure. It transpires there are marginal benefits until you reach at least 8 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Once you reach 8 a day the research reveals you can enjoy a 22% reduced risk of heart disease. Yvonne Bishop-Weston Leading Nutritionist London says “we’ve always recommended a target of 5 portions of vegetables and 3 of fruit per day. We believe it’s mainly the benefit of those extra synergistically balanced natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and essential fats but also the things that there’s no longer room in the diet for such as coffee, doughnuts and McDonalds.” See Oxford Study

Oprah Winfrey – Vegan Hero

Oprah hit the headlines when she went vegan before, a few years ago for three weeks. Oprah has never really forgiven the cattlemen for trying to sue her for comments about BSE on national TV. This time, maybe just to spite the beef industry, she took 370 of her staff with her on her televised vegan trial quest. Her millions of viewers then drove the new vegan cookbook featured on the show into the Amazon.com top 10 bestsellers list.

See Oprah Winfrey

Amazon Bestseller List

In February 2011 there were not one but three vegan books in Amazon.com’s best-selling list top 100 with one in the top ten. The Veganist got shoved right up into the top 10 best-sellers list and was briefly at number 1, when Oprah Winfrey featured it on her website and on her TV show. Crazy Sexy Diet is taking over the Skinny Bitch books which still make the top 20 in the ‘diet books’ category slot after 5 years of notoriety. The legendary China Study by Dr Cambell that is featured in a number of new films such as Planeat and Forks over knives is still in the top 100. Appetite for Reduction by Vegan Queen of the kitchen Isa Chandra Moskowitz is only just outside the top 100 best-sellers but dominates the Vegan category with her books. In the UK Amazon vegan cookbook rankings the poor old “Complete Book of Vegan Cooking” has been pushed down to number 6 by the American authors despite all the full colour pictures, great recipes, indispensable nutrition section and the knock-down Amazon price. See Best-Sellers

Offside Rule?

Who’d ever thought we’d see the day when burgers and meat pies were replaced with vegan options at a UK football ground.? Well that’s exactly what happened at English soccer team Forest Green Rovers when Chairman and renewable energy pioneer Dale Vince decided it was time for red meat to get the push. The club made a decision to increase players performance through a healthier diet and decided they owed it to the fans to set a good example too. We guess instead of chanting ‘who ate all the pies’ the football fans will have to sing ‘who ate all the peas’? See Football Hero

Google Vegan Trends

A quick peek at Google trends reveals that where the media once had an apparent boycott on the word vegan unless it was a story about a sick baby or a politician getting shot, the censorship and embargo seems to have been lifted. Consequently media incidence of Vegan has doubled since the high of The Vegan Society’s 60th Birthday and Diamond Jubilee in 2004 and searches for the word vegan on google have risen considerably too. See Google Trends

Big McVegan – Sustainable, Healthy Fast Food

It was bound to happen eventually. Cranks the wholefood vegetarian restaurant chain tried it in London in the late 1990’s after a legendary 40 year journey into the hearts and minds of enlightened Londoners. Cranks had 5 restaurants in London and occasionally franchisees popped up as far away as Denmark in Tivoli and in Dartington, Devon (the only one that survived despite it’s unsociable opening hours)

This time there’s big money and big know how behind the world healthy challenge to McDonalds. There are two ex Maccy D executive directors and a top celebrity vegan chef in the mix, if these big guns can’t make a healthy sustainable fast food chain work then we are all doomed. They plan over 250 outlets within 5 years.

Meanwhile Heather Mills is planning to do the same in the UK with her vegan V-Bites concept . She also has her heart set on 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi.

See McDonald’s health food?

New World Record

Please help set a new world record, please pledge and RSVP for the global One World Day event on November 1st.

Check out the VeggieVision Blog for more news from Tony’s world soon……


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