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Wet Eyes at Wetnose

It’s been quite an eventful few weeks in terms of animal ‘events’, kick started by the Annual Wetnose Awards in London which I hosted. Mum travelled down from Stoke-on-Trent with her two pals, my husband Gary came to present an award, as did my sister Anthea, and our two boys (Jack and Freddie) came along too as they were rather keen to meet Julie Peasgood, Martin Clunes and Brian May!

As you can see from the pictures they both met Martin Clunes and Freddie even managed to wrestle his way through the paparazzi to have his picture taken with Brian May. Freddie met Julie Peasgood too but was so dazzled that he forgot to get the camera out!

Anyway, back to business… Things were going very well and with a stiff upper lip until the lovely actor Peter Egan read out a story about a border collie dog called Blue who had been kept in a shed for 8 years. So horrific was the story that Peter’s voice started to crack and he had to gather himself together before he could continue.

Well, that was it and within no time there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! This was swiftly followed by Martin Clunes giving an award to a charity he is Patron of called ACE (Animal Care in Egypt) and we all watched some pretty distressing footage.

The audience was in tears, as was Martin, and all in all it was the most emotional event of its kind I have ever been to! Then the finale – Brian May took to the stage to give Born Free’s Virginia McKenna a surprise Lifetime Achievement Award and very soon the tissues were out in force again!

So, well done to Wetnose for staging such a fabulous event. This was only its second year and I just know it’s going to get bigger and even better as time goes on.




Animal Lifeline Makes Some Noise

As Patron of Animal Lifeline in Stoke-on-Trent I was delighted to be asked to compare a fund raising evening featuring the Ceramic Brass Band. Whoever knew that a brass band could be so toe tappingly entertaining??!!

Having never been to such a concert before I certainly didn’t. The idea for the evening came from Emily who is a volunteer at the Animal Lifeline dog kennels.

It raised a few hundred pounds for the charity, much helped by the fact that the Ceramic Brass Band very kindly gave their services for free! My mum came with me to enjoy the night and was pleased to win a big tin of shortbread in the raffle.

Did I really used to spend my Saturday nights clubbing in town, drinking endless cocktails? It suddenly all seems like such a long time ago….. Anyway, if you are based in the Stoke-on-Trent area and can give a rescue dog a new and loving home get in touch with Animal Lifeline and say that I sent you!



Aunty Iris and the Power Point Problem!

Some time ago Aunty Iris asked me if I would come to her WI over in Essex to give a talk about animals. I agreed and put together rather a good (if I say so myself!) Power Point presentation with material supplied by Animal Defenders International, having first established from Aunty Iris that such a presentation could be facilitated at the church hall. Imagine my dismay when at the last minute it turned out that she meant that a 3-pin plug socket was available at the church hall!!!

So, instead of lots of lovely slides I just got up and talked (not difficult!) and was amazed to check my watch and find out I’d rambled on for 50 minutes! It wasn’t quite the talk I had imagined but it went down well all the same and I was made very welcome.

See the photo below of me and Aunty Iris!


VIVA!’s Late/Early Christmas Party

Finally it was off down to Brighton (well, Hove to be exact) for VIVA!s  belated (or very early) Christmas Party, held this year at Heather Mills’ fab restaurant – VBites.

The champagne was delightful and the food was, as you would expect, nothing short of heaven. It’s not very often us vegans get to chomp our way through the whole menu at an eating establishment and if you do get the opportunity it’s usually melon boat to start, a selection of vegetables for main and a fruit salad for dessert!

At VBites we had rich and creamy soup, a mock turkey Christmas dinner and a gooey big chocolate cake for dessert.

VIVA!s founder – Juliet Gellatley – gave a brilliant and thought provoking presentation and as Patrons Heather and I said a few words too. I then hosted the auction and was grateful to some very generous people in the room that night – both who had donated items and bid for them. As Gary and I had to get back to Kingston by midnight, lest our car turned into a pumpkin, we had to scoot off and forego the disco – although after all that food and drink this disco diva felt more like a disco dumpling!



More next time. Loads of love.

Wendy Turner Webster xxx

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