Vegan Kids – Alicia Silverstone Plans to Raise Her Son Vegan.

August 3, 2011 at 1:56 pm 2 comments

Being vegan for many many years now and feeling that this is the healthiest diet I had no hesitation in knowing that this is how I want to bring up my son. Callum is now 5 and thriving to say the least!

It’s great to see that Hollywood actress and passionate vegan Alicia Silverstone plans to raise her son vegan as well.

Alicia who is a friend of PETA, advocates the vegan lifestyle and wrote a book about it recently – The Kind Diet. She says that she plans to have her son, Bear Blu, also follow the vegan lifestyle.

Alicia says,

“Bear was grown on vegan food and we’ll continue nourishing him with a healthy diet…He’ll be eating an organic plant-based diet.”

And adds, “I intend to take great care of his precious new baby body so I’m committed to giving him nothing but the purest and most healthy food possible. We want to keep his immune system strong so that he’ll be super healthy – which is just one of the many reasons he’ll eat vegan.”

Over here at the Ridgers house we love food and have loved cooking together from an early age. Callum understood that we ate differently to other people – and that’s fine! Although we do eat the same just a different version – we still enjoy pizzas, burgers, roast dinners, salads, soups – well everything really!

Callum is a very caring 5 year old, he asks so many questions and from day one has been very aware – looking about and being nosey! Well maybe not nosey just very interested.

Having a child opened my eyes to scary and horrible ingredients that are put into children’s food and drinks products. I am quite upset to read that aspartame a cheap sweetening ingredient is used in so many products. I have read quite un savory (no pun intended) reports on this product that many feel should be banned.

Not to mention gelatine – why put boiled bones, tendons and ligaments of animals in the sweets that kids eat? Many sweets seem to be a concoction of e numbers, gelatine and sugar – not the best I feel for kids?

There is a whole world of foods out there that are natural and tasty and what has happened to the days of making and baking ourselves too!?

Callum loves ice-cream – dairy free and gorgeous. He has frozen lollies – we blend pineapple, raspberries, kiwis, even add a multivitamin and dash of agave and freeze – a fun activity and tasty healthy treat.

Callum has been given non veggie sweets at a few parties – He asks if they are veggie friendly and if they are not he doesn’t want to eat them. He makes the decision and I am so pleased of course that the temptation hasn’t been too much – yet!

I wondered how other children cope with special diets and thought the best way was to talk with some parents and kids directly.

Chrissy a vegan mum fromLondontold us of Zak’s typical day of food:

  • Breakfast-cereal and non dairy milk and/or porridge
  • Snack-crackers with almond butter and fruit
  • Lunch-home made soup with bread
  • Snacks olives, fruit, rice cakes with tahini, goodies crisps, fortified non dairy milk
  • Dinner-shepherds pie with steamed veggies
  • Fruit and soya dessert

Zak is thriving on his vegan diet and eats healthy. Like myself Chrissy takes the health aspect of the vegan diet seriously as she also of course wants the very best for her son.

Polly Chandler another vegan mums tells us more too….

How do other kids react when you tell them that you are vegetarian?

They always say Wow, how can you resist eating meat?

Do you like being vegetarian?

Yes, as I think that eating animals is like eating each other. After all, we are all animals!

How do you cope with social events as well as eating at school?

Well, if they don’t have a veggie option at social events, I simply tell them why they should and how to do it. At school, they always have veggie options but, if I don’t like them, I tell them the truth, ask them to make me a sandwich and report it to school council.

What advice can you give to kids who are thinking of going veggie…….?

Think of meat as a giant bomb and, if you get cravings, try to block out anything about food and do something else. Make sure you ignore any meat, no matter how hard it is.

How should they approach their parents?

They should tell it to them straight, leaving out no information about what you are about to do and, if possible, try to persuade them to join in with your vegetarianism as well. It would make it a lot easier to do.

How can they be confident about their food choices?

They need to think about all of the plus sides and possibly even research the plus sides of being a vegetarian. Also, they should try to think of all of the downsides to eating meat so that they are put off eating it.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

Try to not look at meat while you are in the first stages of becoming veggie; this will only tempt you to eat what you see.

Thank you for letting me tell you about being veggie! Polly (The 10 yr old)

Karin Ridgers is the Founder of VeggieVision TV and is working closely with schools in the area who are interested in filming for VeggieVision the internet TV station.

VeggieVision also has a dating service and a cash back scheme where viewers can save and earn money with over 1600 companies.


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  • 1. emma  |  August 3, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    my son was 8 weeks premature, he is vegetarian and i was told that because he is premature he will be small and a little slower to do some things e.g. walking, crawling etc. well let me tell you about my son today, he has only just turned 14 years old, he is slim, and just over 6ft 1, yes thats what i said 6ft 1, he has a good average grade at school and is an amazing drummer. his teaching assistants think he is a great example of vegetarianism as he always looks so healthy, with bright eyes, clear skin and he is always alert, the school dinner lady loves the fact that he practicly demanded more veggie options and she said she was happy to take on the challenge. the point is, i’m sick of people saying that by raising your children veggie your doing them some injustice!! all we need to do is look around at the overweight children eating mcdonalds and burger king and living off of chicken nuggets to see what a great job we’re doing and my son is quite happy with the way we are, he said why would you want to eat some poor animal and i couldnt agree more. keep up the good work veggie mums. 🙂

  • 2. veggievision  |  August 5, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Thank you so much Emma – A super inspirational reply :O)


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