Turner’s Tales – Toad, Beetles and Keeping Fit!

August 28, 2011 at 1:51 pm 1 comment

Turner’s Tales – The News from The SUPER Wendy Turner Webster…….

Welcome to Toad Hall

Some bags of garden rubbish were collected from our front path the other day and underneath them were three large toads and one small frog, which caused much excitement in the Turner Webster household! (There were also plenty of woodlice, slugs and snails which didn’t get quite the sameattention). Jack and Freddie took the toads to the back of our garden where a small gap in some rockery has created a perfect Toad Hall. But the burning question; how do you tell a frog from a toad?! The excellent site www.UKSafari.com gives these pointers…

• The skin of a frog is quite smooth and a toad is more ‘warty’.

• A frog feels moist to the touch but a toad feels dry.

• A frog’s back is raised with two ridges down each side. Toads have a more flattened appearance.

• Frogs move around by hopping on their strong back legs but toads walk.

So, now you know!

Read All About It

An Annual Review popped through my letterbox last week and makes fascinating reading. Animal Defenders International, the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research and the National Anti-Vivisection Society are within the same group and work tirelessly in their campaigns to alleviate animal suffering. The picture is of me at a photo call for ADI’s Stop Circus Suffering campaign. Check out the web sites below….Readingabout what they do and what they have achieved should give us great hope – for animals and humans alike.




All You Need is… Bob!

So, this is the story… At the school gates we found a large beetle. Lest it get crunched underfoot we picked it up but alas it was already dead. I knew this because when I turned it upside-down its entire body was missing (presumably a bird’s dinner). Oh, and its front leggy bits which were left weren’t moving. Jack put the beetle in his rucksack to show the teacher and that was that. Only it wasn’t. That night jack remembered that he had forgotten to show the teacher the dead beetle and dived into his bag to find it. Placing it on the table we then saw that the beetle (christened Bob) was very much alive (well, its head was as Bob had no body as such). We put Bob outside to die a natural death and were amazed to find him still in the land of the living the next morning. I brought him in again and as you can see fixed him up with his own sanctuary. He seemed to enjoy the bananas and sugar water and lasted a good few days before breathing his last. Now Bob sits on the kitchen shelf – a constant reminder of the old adage, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

The Art of Animal Aid

I was thrilled to be asked to present the prizes at this year’s Animal Aid Art Competition. I’ve done the honours for the past few years now and it is always a pleasure. The people at Animal Aid are always so lovely and the standard of the entries is always really high – this year being no exception. I’m pictured here with one of the category winners, Laura Coutan. There’s always a massive response to this competition and it is heartening to know that so many children take animal welfare issues so seriously. Animal Aid do fabulous campaigning work and after hearing what they do a pal who had accompanied me to the ceremony declared that she was now becoming a vegetarian! And last but by no means least you can buy a bumper box of vegan chocolates from the Animal Aid online shop! I was given a box as a thank you for being at the event and they are just about the best treat a vegan could ask for.


Method Magic!

I have lots of Method products in my cupboards but this Laundry Detergent is a particular favourite of mine. It’s a 95% plant based formula and works a treat – and with two young boys setting the challenge I should know! Increasingly available in the high street you can find Method products in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, John Lewis, Co-op, Homebase, B&Q, Boots, Booths, Selfridges and Wholefoods.


Wendy’s Workout Diary

Sadly I know that being a vegan doesn’t naturally equate to being slim! Carbs are my weakness and I am sure at one point I was in danger of turning into a chip (maybe I was one in a former life!). Anyway, in an effort to ditch the ‘muffin top’ around my waist I have embarked upon the mother of all fitness regimes. And just to keep me on the straight and narrow I’m keeping a diary with photographic evidence!

Click on the link below – it makes me feel better if I share the pain!



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  • 1. veggievision  |  August 28, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Thanks Wendy – Super news as always!! xxx


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