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Hi VeggieVision friends!

We are so pleased for the support from everyone’s favourite Natural Living Guru Janey Lee Grace. We have known Janey for several years and love her books, presenting and attitude to being Imperfectly Natural.

Janey will be sharing news and information especially for our lovely VV viewers so do keep checking in…..

Hi I’m Janey Lee Grace, yes I’m the one that pops up on Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio2 talking all things natural and throwing references to wheatgrass, organic food and fresh juices into the conversation.

Of course the boys take the mickey but because of that great opportunity I’ve been able to write five books on holistic living – and rest assured I don’t consider myself the expert, I’m ‘imperfectly natural’ and I don’t get everything right but I do believe that the small change big difference approach really works, do the bits you can and you’ll feel better, look better, save a bit of cash and tick the eco box even without trying.

I’m delighted to be I’m aware that I’m ‘oh so lucky’ getting to try out the best natural and organic natural products, I thought I’d share some of my faves in organic food and supplements.    Rest assured that me and my team have really taken the time to source the best products that are 100 per cent organic, ethical, fairly traded and yummy !

So heres 6 of our faves from our recent awards, check out the rest including the best in natural skincare and beauty at:


Sweet Freedom               Best natural sweetener                Sweet Freedom Natural Sweetener       “We constantly find yet more uses for this excellent natural sweetener made from 100% fruit, its low GI, suitable for diabetics and the kids love it squeezed on everything”

Steenbergs Organics      Best fairtrade food product         Fairtrade Spices Mini 8 Box         “Our testers thought this was the perfect starter kit or gift. It Includes peppers, cinnamon, spices, ginger, turmeric and more”

Lifestyle Organic               Best organic convenience food  product                Organic Buckwheat with Vegetables      “A Godsend for busy people who still want organic meals !   We love these tasty ‘ready to cook’ vegetable mix – ready in 8 mins”

Midfields Granola            Best wheat free food product    Midfields Sweet Freedom Granola Wheat Free                “Our kids add this to cereals and we love it with yoghurt, sweetened with Sweet Freedom so no sugar worrie”

Live Wheatgrass               Most innovative superfood product        Wheatgrass Frozen Daily Shots                 “Its revolutionised our lives !  Organic live frozen wheatgrass in convenient ‘shot’ sizes delivered to your door”

Rude Health       Best natural breakfast product  Rude Health The Ultimate Muesli          “We love a really healthy muesli with loads of yummy ingredients including berries, nuts, seeds.”

Until next time!

Love Janey xx

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