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I am SO excited to be writing for Vegetarian Living magazine – a magazine that I have loved since it was first launched!

I do get rather carried away so my colum will be noted here for you to read in full each month and if you click below you can open up the lovely PDF too…

Do pick up your copy – Its jam packed with information, recipes and news too.

Have a super day!

Love Karin x

Click here! – Karin column Veg Living Magazine

Karin Ridgers, former director of the Vegan Society, is the founder of VeggieVision TV, a vegetarian internet TV station that features cookery, celebrities and news, with presenters in Los Angeles, Paris and more.

Having recently filmed interviews with Brian May, Martin Clunes and Anthea Turner, she combines a busy work life with being mum to her young son Callum and is passionate about promoting a ‘compassionate lifestyle’.

Each month, Karin will keep us up to date with what’s been happening in her world, including people, events and what’s new – it’s a bit like having a sneaky peek into the best bits of Karin’s packed diary!

Most delicious meal:

A difficult one as I love food. Depends on my mood sometimes a huge raw salad, then a tasty vegan roast. I guess my autumnal/winter favourite is tomato soup and dairy free cream cheese sandwiches dipped in the soup with crisps too. I love my Christmas dinner too!

I love going to veggie restaurants – places that know and understand about our vegan needs. With a few local restaurants in Essex we call up and just say two vegan surprises please. This month we took a weekend break at the outstanding Chewton Glen, near the New Forest. It was fabulous and wow did they look after us.

We had the most gorgeous pastas and pizzas at Sandy Balls too the super log cabin holiday village also in the beautiful New Forrest.

They looked after us well and said that they will cater for anyone’s dietary requirements – as long as they are told in advance.

The meal for us 3 was less than £60 for 3 main courses, drinks many sides and soya lattes (although we provided our own soya milk). We had a nice relaxing meal and with a soft play area Callum could enjoy some fun too.


Interesting place:

Our trip to Corfe Castle was just incredible. Stunning scenery and the most beautiful little village near Swanage in Dorset. We found a cute café – with its own model village! Providing soya milk meant that we could enjoy a few cups of tea along with a regular vegan staple of jacket potato and beans!

Corfe is a must see and definitely worth a weekend away. We stayed at A Great Escape Guest House run by the dynamic Sue Searle who provided a super vegan friendly fry up for us!


New friend:

Filming with Brian May was quite an experience.

I can’t image what it is like to perform in front of worldwide fans with one of the best rock bands of all time Queen. Working with celebs I do know how much is asked of them and when I tried to talk initially with Brian May he sent over his assistant probably to check out who I was!

When he heard that I run VeggieVision I heard a loud “VeggieVision!” and he come straight over with a big smile. How cool is that! I met Brian at the Wet Nose Awards and it was an incredible event. Brian chatted away about his passion for animals and saving the UK wildlife and we chatted for a very long time.

You can see Glyn’s arm start to wobble as he didn’t use a tripod for his camera! We send Brian the footage of the interview and he loved it. I wish the setting was a bit better to be honest and the clip is there on VeggieVision now!

Great book:

So many that I love from NLP, psychology, Tony Robbins and The Secret to a tasty Jackie Collins novel while in the bath.

+ I heard Sue Palmer speak recently. She is amazing. If you are a parent then stop everything and order one of her books! What Parents Need to Know – Well I am not able to out this down! It will confirm much of what you already know too. I loved reading about the benefits of  playtime – and away from TV and ‘Playstation’ style games too!!

Super shopping:

My bargain food shopping has to be finding a whole box of organic tomatoes at the local farm shop. Callum and I spend days dehydrating and eating lots of fresh warm tomato soup.

+ Greenleaves Herbal Skincare range with clay, mineral and herb formulations has been amazing for my skin this winter. With the expertise of medical herbalist Patricia Ferguson, they combine the healing actions of herbs and essential oils with a range of superior clays to treat problem skin.

They use zeolite, a mineral that has the ability to absorb three times as much as clay, so it’s excellent for deep-cleansing, making it fab for acne, oily and problem skin.

My favourites from their range include: Purifying Acne Masque (£32.50 for 100ml), Gentle Facial Scrub (£29.70 for 100ml), Peppermint Pumice Hand & Foot Scrub (£38 for 200ml), and Exfoliating Body Scrub (£39.70 for 200ml).


Best laugh:

I love Derren Brown. I know that I am not his type however it doesn’t stop me from wanting him to be my GBF (Gay Best Friend). I watched a re run recently of one of his shows and the guy that was part of the psychological trick was vegan.

A cool sounding man that loved to swim with sharks. Part of the set up was that Derren would predict what choices this guy would make. Simply A or B. Funny enough he did the exact opposite of the letters I picked out.

One of the choices would have meant that he ate a non vegan hot dog. He didn’t however when the label was shown it said MEAT and RUBBISH for the vegan hotdog!! I couldn’t believe it. We need to change Derrens mind now about how fantastic non animal foods are!! And I am still keen to be his friend.

Until next time!

Much love





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