New Raw Vegan Book – THE Step by Step Guide!

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New Raw Vegan Book – THE Step by Step Guide!

We are so happy to announce the new book from raw and living foods expert Rebecca Kane.

Rebecca saw dramatic changes with her health after taking on a raw food diet as well as feeling more confident and improving her relationship with food. Rebecca also benefited from losing 4 stone and found her ideal body weight.

Coaching people for over 10 years and helping many women overcome obstacles, Rebecca is now inspiring women to find their true passion and purpose.

Turn Your SHINE On – Your Raw Food Journey to Health and Happiness – The New Book from Rebecca Kane 

You may want a Summer detox and don’t know where to start. Bored with the healthy recipe book you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar.

Knowing what you need from your healthier eating plan and why you need it, as well as a plan of action with an expert, a step by step guide and shopping list may sound like something just for the rich and famous.

Now with thanks to Living Food expert and Coach Rebecca Kane this has all been laid out for you in her easy to follow new book Turn Your SHINE On.

Over the past fifteen years, Rebecca has helped many hundreds of women to realise their true potential and successfully overcome symptoms such as IBS, migraines, weight-gain, loss of confidence, lethargy and disconnection. These symptoms often being a result of losing connection with their true nature.

Turn Your SHINE On delves into the hidden side of food – and helps the reader to understand their own relationship with food and how they use food to deal with everyday life.

Turn Your SHINE On is for people who know that food is more than just calories, vitamins and minerals. It is for people who want to explore their relationship with food and discover how important food choices are in supporting every level of their being.

Shine is your natural state of being; in harmony and alignment with yourself and the world around you, it is about enjoying a deep sense of connection and fulfilment. However many people have lost touch with this connection.”

Says Rebecca

“My book shows the reader how foods can be the key to re-establishing their connection so that they can really Shine and create clarity, harmony and fulfilment in their life.”

Turn Your SHINE On takes you by the hand and guides you through everything that you need to know, and provides a super easy to follow plan with six stages. You decide on your goals and you chose what stages feel right for you.

If you have ever felt that enjoying more raw foods would be difficult, overwhelming or something that other people did, Turn Your SHINE On will show you just how quick, easy and delicious raw foods are.

“This is not about being 100% raw it is about increasing the vibrancy of your diet as this is where the magic really begins to happen and the transformation occurs.” Rebecca says.

“If you have ever become frustrated by your diet and wonder why, despite your best intentions, you have continued to fall of the wagon, Turn Your SHINE On provides you with the tools and techniques to better understand your relationship with food, so that you can enjoy food without guilt, shame or frustration.”

What will the reader gain?

  • A step by step, personalised plan to take your food choices to the next level.
  • Tailored plans to work towards:
    • Recreating and refreshing your body
    • Rediscovering simplicity and passion
    • Creating space for clarity and focus
    • Rejuvenating and recharging your body
    • A deeper understanding of your relationship with food
    • A sense of compassion for yourself and others
    • Enhanced sense of purpose
    • Clarity and insight into who you are as a person and how you can express  this in the world
    • Removes the layers and gets you in touch with the heart of who you are
    • Creates clarity and confidence to make better decisions and take on bigger challenges
    • Sets you up ready for a breakthrough

We often have the best intention of sticking to an eating plan or making better food choices and when we go it alone the odds of actually seeing it through are low. This book really is the next best thing to having a private consultation with Rebecca.

Rebecca continues to run her busy practice in Staffordshire offering clients discovery days, private consultations and raw food workshops.

The discovery days are for women who know there is more to life, and are not sure what there ‘more’ is.

Rebecca uses powerful energy healing techniques to remove any blockages that are holding clients back, combined with coaching exercises and techniques so that they can take action and create crystal clarity so they leave knowing exactly what they must do to live their SHINE.

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