VeggieVision News and Happy National Veggie Week 2012

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Well as another National Vegetarian Week approaches and I am amazed again at how quickly they come round each year! I know that the team at the Vegetarian Society start straight after the week for the following year – so much energy goes into this special week.

As always we support as much as possible and again working hard to get the veggie word out there – I think that there will be at least 20 radio interviews spread out between me and a few other super ‘veggie promoters!’

I called a radio station yesterday and the presenter told me that he has just made the connection after hearing from  VeggieVision as he loves animals and it doesn’t make sense that animals are killed for a few minutes of eating ‘pleasure’……

We will put the radio interview on our Facebook page and FB group so do check them out.

We were sent a bunch of the super new Redwood goodies to try too – will report fully soon. WOW the Fishless Steaks were wonderful and Vegan Pizzas too – have a look at our FB page again to see my son Callum enjoying his vegan pizza!

It got me thinking about the call I received a fair few years back from Vegan pioneer Arthur Ling…..

He told me of how he and Donald Watson had the job of going into all of the health foods stores of now 70 years ago and asking if they would sell soya milk….. “What’s wrong with cows milk?” came the replies…. Well Authur and Donald persevered and now we have Plamil and not to mention we can go to any coffee shop and get a soya Latte!

This years National Vegetarian Week I salute those amazing people who did not have the choices that we have now. Arthur Ling said to me with a smile in his voice – “Vegans don’t know they are born today!” I will always remember our conversations.

With vegan pizzas in the stores, gelatin free sweets, vegan celebrities and huge Veg Fests I want to take a moment and thank of these outstanding vegans of 60 + years ago and wonder what it would have been like without all of the options we can enjoy now.

Well I am cracking on this end with VeggieVision – I can’t wait to tell you more and will do soon.

It’s been an amazing week meeting the CEO of The Vegetarian Society, being invited to the rather delicious Orchard and my lovely favs tibits…

Having a chat with the rather outstanding Sam Rogers – Check out  VGANGOVegan Delicatessen & Café- 39 Webbs Road, Battersea, London SW11 6RX.

Not to mention the OMG news from Benjamin Zephaniah…. What a guy.

And I sit here in my log cabin working late at night and hoping that what I do working my socks off is of interest to you my lovely reader!!

Well a long one from me – And I really hope that during next weeks National Vegetarian Week you will step up and do something to show how fantastic our way of life is and how we all benefit – the planet, people and the animals.

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