Wild Food Café, Sky TV and Leeds Castle….

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Happy National Veggie Week!

Here is Karin’s column in Vegetarian Living Magazine   from Vegetarian Living magazine – As you know I do get rather carried away so my column will be noted here for you to read in full each month and if you click here: Karin’s column in Vegetarian Living Magazine a PDF will open up!

Do pick up your copy too!

Love Karin x

Vegetarian Living Magazine – Karin Ridgers 

Most delicious meal:

Wild Food Café is a new cafe in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. A wonderful atmosphere, tasty foods with a great mix of raw foods too.

The butternut Squash was fresh and delicious. We shared several amazing salads bursting with freshly picked greens and the Deli Lunch was out of the world. A gorgeous mix of raw crackers and raw dips and olives.

We devoured the Shiitake and Olive burger as well as the Coconut and Almond cheese sandwich – again raw!

The food is so filling we could only share a desert and it was so tasty we wished we had room for one each.

It’s so wonderful to be able to trust everything on the menu as well as have a choice of suitable options. Neals Yard is like a tiny piece of Ibiza when the sun shines and now with the Wild Food Café there is more of a reason to pop to Covent Garden.


Interesting place:

It deserves being voted the second top paid for visitor attraction in the UK by Which? magazine readers and the team there have also increased their recycling procedures making them more green too.

Leeds Castle–in Kent. “The “The Loveliest Castle in the World”.  Steeped in history, 500 acres and gorgeous scenery Leeds Castle is a must visit for couples and families. Food wise there are always vegetarian options available and you can speak to the staff for vegan options too.


New friend:

So excited to film with Eco guru, author and radio 2 presenter Janey Lee Grace. Janey has been very supportive of VeggieVision TV and even talked about a vegetarian internet TV station on her show with Steve Wright. Now Janey is running various events too – to be kept up to date go to:


Great book

Do you ever feel that there is more to life than what we are told? The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings by the amazing vegan author and artist Jason Liosatos is un-putdownable. Not just focusing on positive thinking Jason’s book goes much deeper and is a real eye opener.

Jason tells us how we create the future and manifest with thought and how transformation for the planet is needed now – and why.

Read now and know of Jason just before his work hits the big time!


Super shopping:

Just love Goodness Direct.co.uk. Founded by the inspirational Leslie Cutts Goodness Direct always delivers on time and are great to talk too if you have any queries. Stocking my favourites Fry’s Vegetarian as well as tasty veggie friendly sweets from Goody Good Stuff they seem to have super goodies that I can’t find elsewhere too.


Best laugh:

Really great fun being invited to Sky TV. For Veggie Living readers who love sport you may know Dave Tindall – the main man for Golf at Sky TV. We had a laugh trying out Simulator Golf which is an ideal indoor golf solution.

It’s a mobile system that comes to you and gives golf lovers everywhere the freedom to play on world famous courses, improve your performance and perhaps win a super prize – all indoors!

The large colour screen gives the feel of playing golf out in the open and the images are true to 50 different golf courses all over the world from Pebble Beach to St Andrews and Carnoustie to the Celtic Manor Ryder Cup Course. 

We met with many of the Soccer AM team and the golf department too.


Karin xx


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