Vegan Pizza’s and Fishless Steaks…..

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So pleased to see new vegan goodies from Redwoods.

I remember meeting the founders when they first started out – just a few items and I had just gone veggie. They set the company up because of their son. They wanted him to have sandwiches at school that didn’t look different to other kids. And as a mum I now appreciate this even more.

I spoke to Jeremy and his wife (many years ago) and asked if they could make a vegan saveloy. Do you remember the bright orange, so fake that it may glow in the dark sausage thing that you could get from a fish a chip shop? Well sadly I remember liking them (and now wouldn’t touch with a barge pole of course!)

Funny enough we still don’t have vegan saveloys – although I think this is about the only thing we don’t have that’s vegan!!!

Well we popped the Fishless stakes in the oven for about 15 minutes and my son and I loved them. I actually got transported back 20 years ago and found myself looking for bones. Really. Tasty and saving fish – It can’t get better than that can it? Callum wanted more than 1 – with just 2 in the pack that wasn’t going to happen.

We also liked the fish cakes – reminded me of something I ate as a kid too but not often.

And OMG – vegan pizzas! How exciting!! We tried them all and its great fun to be able to pop a pizza in the oven – well like anyone else who isn’t vegan I suppose.

I would have liked more tomato sauce if I am going to be picky however a good amount of cheese and no matter where I get pizza unless I make my own I always want more toppings!

Three in the range: Cheezly and Tomato,  Ham and Pineapple and Meatless Feast!

We also LOVED the new Parmesan style cheese. A slightly different taste and is rather Moorish! However I really love their Soya Free cheese  – delicious!

So what did we do before Redwoods and Fry’s – and all of the super new vegan friendly companies that are popping up now? We are just spoiled as non meat eaters!!

However the question that even some veggies ask is why eat something that tastes like meat of you are veggie?

Well I say does it matter if something hasn’t had to have been killed for your plate?

And to the non veggies I say I don’t understand why you would eat a dead animal when you can eat something that tastes great, no cholesterol, better for the planet and hasn’t had to be born to be slaughtered and then killed just for your appetite…..

So horah for Redwoods, Fry’s, Vegusto and all of the other lovely companies that make out lives easier and tastier as vegans and veggies.

We LOVE you!! :O)

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