Vegetarian Living Magazine – Karin Ridgers

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Vegetarian Living Magazine – Karin Ridgers

SO pleased to be writing a regular column for such a super  magazine – Pls have a look at the PDF too.

Karin Ridgers_VL April 2012

K x

Most delicious meal:

With thanks to the New Forest Tourism Association we had a super break at Sandy Balls.

Their delicious Italian and freshly made pizza restaurant catered so well for us vegan wise.

Tasty vegetabletagliatelle, fantastic pizzas, olives and garlic bread with garlic olive oil with a fresh salad to share. We found out that the mango sorbet is vegan and although soya milk was available we brought our own and they were happy to make some soya lattes for us.

We were catered for very well and chatted to the helpful manager. He said that they are happy to cater for dietary needs – just talk to them!

The New Forrest is the place that will we make a point of retuning too and the tourism association has everything on their website: 

+ Also loving Pizzahut – they look after us well and we simply take out own dairy free cheese – the bases are milk free too –although do check as they could change this!

Interesting place:

I hadn’t thought about going on holiday before by train and when I was invited to visit “Green Ghent” with its 14 vegetarian restaurants I jumped at the chance!

We all enjoyed the popular vegetarian restaurant  ‘Avalon’. A reasonably priced eatery that provided big tasty portions. Everyone sung the praises of their lunch which was great to hear from a group of mainly non veggies.

We had a welcome visit from dedicated Tobias Leenaert the founder of ‘Vegetarian Thursday’ with EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) – which the whole city takes part in.

I travelled with the super – Do call them to chat though the best travel options for you personally on 020 3327 2479 and check out www.VeggieVision.TV for film clips on Ghent.

New friend:

Molly Bedingfield – mum to Natasha and Daniel the amazing singer – songwriters.

Molly runs an incredible charity called Global Angels where 100% percent of what you donate goes to helping disadvantaged children and their communities around the world – their corporate angels fund the running of the charity.

Have a look on the website for the work that Molly does – and be prepared to be inspired and moved. 

Great book

The new book from raw food Guru Rebecca Kane, the founder of Shine on Raw is here! Horah! Rebecca walks her talk and helps you find your shine.

Turn Your Shine On is also a work book that helps you to understand your journey into incorporating more raw foods and find the level that works for you.

Rebecca uniquely combines powerful healing techniques with the support of delicious raw rood and her inspirational book is a must have for anyone who wants to explore this exciting way of eating.

Super shopping:

If you haven’t already you simply must treat yourself to the most gorgeous daisy free cheeses and meat free meats fresh from Switzerland from the super UK bases Vegusto.

More goodies coming to Vegsuto – including the most amazing gelatin free and veggie friendly marshmallows from Daisy and Co. 

Best laugh:

We rarely have dinner parties and decided to for some new friends. We were nervous as one is new to being veggie and the other is a non veggie. We had the best time, they asked for seconds, then thirds and were blown away by hubbies amazing pies and then gorgeous German inspired cake.

We didn’t have to announce anything as vegan – we simply enjoyed it for what it was – tasty and filling. Why not lead by example and show people how tasty veggie foods are – and bringing the laughter is vital too.

Karin Ridgers

Karin Ridgers_VL April 2012


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