Have Your Ever Had A Turning Point In Your Life?

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If you know me then you will know that I am passionate about personal development and The Law of Attraction – and this way of thinking has got me through challenges and tough times.

I have mentioned Dr Ro recently and went along to his event a few weeks ago. I do know Dr Ro personally and wouldn’t share any events and information with you if I didn’t believe in them 100%.

Dr Ro is amazing. I am so appreciative that we are friends and working together too.

As well as learning a great deal which is already having a positive impact on my life I met the amazing woman who lost SIX STONE after attending DR Ro’s event. I also met the couple who were on the brink of splitting up and now… the wedding is set and Dr Ro is a guest after helping them turn their relationship around.

Health, wealth, inspiration, relationships and more.

Dr Ro tells us more below and yes we have registered as an affiliate as we know the people who attend will LOVE it and gain a great deal.

And… VeggieVision will gain a thank you too :O)

Do have a read and feel free to forward on – the more who know about Dr Ro the better!!

You can see a short clip about the event on VV too!

With love – Karin x

See more here!

Have Your Ever Had A Turning Point In Your Life? 

From Dr Ro……

Having experienced many deeply painful experiences in my life including the death of my father, divorce, a business failing, financial difficulties and my mother developing cancer I realised that from each experience came life changing Turning Points.

The more I spoke to others with similar challenges ever person talked about these as “Turning Points” that had shaped their lives.

That’s when I realized that we don’t have to wait for things to happen to us to experience a major turning point.  I kept hearing the question what if we could create our own Turning Points using a specific process without waiting for “bad things” to happen to us?

Are you at a point in your life where you are ready for a positive life changing Turning Point? If you are, then what I will share next will change your approach to life forever!

That is exactly where I was 10 years ago and I’ve since met tens of thousand in the same position. It is not always that every part of our life is “falling apart”.  Actually what happens is that we experience frustration or a block in one or two areas like our health, relationship, business or finances which has got our of balance. This is however, often the tip of the iceberg.

What I found personally, and the same seems to be the same for the thousands that I have helped, is that we just keep going and repeating the same habits in the hope that “it will get better eventually”.  It rarely does! Sound familiar?

I have found typically we say things to ourselves like “I will get this sorted soon”, “I just need a little more time and things we work themselves out”. “If I can just earn some more money then it will improve my situation” and the list goes on. The truth is that we are deluding ourselves. This type f thinking just leads to more frustration. I am sure you can relate to this.  This leads to more stress and self-destruction.

That’s when the cracks start to occur in our life and when they do it can have a domino effect.

You start to feel more tired and you don’t wake up feeling passionate about life. Maybe your love life suffers and the passion and excitement between you and your partner seems to disappear.  You can’t seem to make more money in your life or your career or business has leveled off and you find yourself falling into the same habits that lead to more and more frustration.

What I noticed was that this was costing me my health and relationships with friends, family and those closest to me. I found myself sometimes blaming others and believing that there was no fast solution. And worst still – that the problem was nothing to do with me! I felt like I had lost control of my life in certain areas, as so many people do – and it was really frustrating.

It maybe that like me, you have tried a few personal development books and CD’s and understand some of the theory of how to change. Millions around the world try this in the hope that they can intellectually understand the process of how to change their situation. Sadly, as I found and I am sure you have too, that this is not the solution.

If you are in this place right now in any way or form, then I can give you one very exciting piece of news. … I have a solution that has worked for countless people and all you really need to do is work through the process to unlock it… with six simple steps…

You can now take back full control and create your own Turning Points creating wealth, great health and amazing relationships…

For two decades I have been speaking to audience around the world, worked with tens of thousands of people and refined tools and techniques that I have applied to myself to achieve amazing results. I pulled myself back from dark places both on a personal, health and financial level and through this experience forged a process that works so effectively it is almost scary the results it achieves…

In fact, once I started to use it with others, I found that people with circumstances much worse than mine were being transformed,. From 60 year old ladies who had experienced sexual abuse at an early age and who had held back on a personal and intimate level to businessman and woman who kept hitting blocks in their business due to old limiting beliefs and rules.

Everyone of them, using the six-step Turning Point process broke through their limitations and made significant changes.

The basis to the Turning Point Six-Step process is that once you start to take responsibility for all that is in your life bad and good – then you can immediately apply the first step.  You take back control and immediately start feeling differently about your situation.

People with relationship issues start seeing things in a totally different way – they start to make a completely different connection with their partner. Single people find themselves attracting others like bees to honey.

Those with money issues are able to rapidly develop a system for paying of debt, managing their money better and creating spare money for investments.

I have seen people with weight issues transformed in front of my eyes. They change the way they eat, exercise and see themselves. Their body weight balances out and they have more energy than ever before.

This is a process that if you are taken through from start to finish in one intense experience has 100% success record for creating breakthroughs and have a completely different perspective of your situation.

Come and join us now!

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