Frys Vegetarian Move from Palm oil to Sunflower Oil + Palm Oils Guilty Secrets

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The move from palm oil to sunflower oil and palm oils guilty secrets

I had no idea until recently about palm oil. It is shocking to say the least. Please help us spread the word and please do check ingredients – there are alternatives that are better for the planet, for us and for the animals….

Frys Vegetarian has made the change so lets hope others follow…

Are you aware that you could quite easily and inadvertently be contributing to the devastation of the wildlife rich forests of Indonesia and Malaysia where orangutans, tigers, sun bears, bearded pigs and other important species face extinction as their habitat rapidly disappears…?

Palm oil, the cheapest cooking oil in the world, is practically an invisible ingredient and yet there it is, in many of our trolley items, quietly listed under “vegetable oil” … and its impact is devastating.

Palm oil plantations already stretch for miles and miles and still thirty square miles of wildlife rich forests are felled daily to make way for more. The scale and speed of the destruction is quite simply mind blowing.

(See for more)

It is exactly these devastating environmental effects of palm oil, and the recognised health benefits of sunflower oil that have led the Fry’s family, regardless of the expense to the business, to change to sunflower oil in the majority of their products throughout the factory.

“Food choices greatly affect climate change and our environment”

says Tammy Fry-Kelly; Marketing Director of the Fry’s Food Group.

“It is our intention to remove palm oil from all our products as soon as possible, in our pursuit of health and environmental balance! We have a responsibility to commit to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle and therefore we are putting pressure on all our suppliers to change to sunflower oil.”

Lisa Drummy Director of Frys Vegetarian UK adds;

“We’re so glad that FRY’S are now using sunflower oil in their products – all FRY’S vegan ingredients are carefully researched for their green credentials and the palm oil previously used was from a sustainable source, but lots of people are still wary about using any products that contain palm oil……now we can reassure everyone that FRY’S are made with sunflower oil……”

Sunflower oil also has the added benefit of having lower saturated fat that palm oil … see for a fascinating table on the Good, Bad and Ugly assessment of oils.

 Fry’s Vegetarian Mince was also picked to feed the Olympics and Paralympics too. 

Greenpeace states:

Tropical rainforests and peatlands, in South East Asia are being destroyed to make way for oil palm plantations. Not only is this a disaster for biodiversity and local communities, it will also release vast amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change.

The cost to the environment and the global climate is devastating – to feed this demand, tropical rainforests and peatlands in South East Asia are being torn up to provide land for oil palm plantations.

Make a difference with your plate today.


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