Are you ready to experience an almighty shift?

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Well I met Dr Ro about 7 years ago and wow – what a honour to get to know him and his amazing work.  He walks his talk and genuinely wants to make a big difference – and is doing so in a huge way.

I had tears in my eyes and goose bumps when Dr Ro told me that it was after my suggestion he wrote his book Turning Point  :O)

WOW. The book is now published and I can honestly say that it is a must have for everyone who feels that they deserve more from life.

I am hearing amazing stories and talking to people who have had incredible challenges and working with Dr Ro has enabled them to live again.

Dr Ro now runs life changing seminars based on his book Turning Point and I wish everyone – especially the super VeggieVision viewers would just book up now – as the world would be more of an amazing place if us like minded people really stepped up.

Dr Ro is The Human Re Engineer – and the changes people have seen with their health, their relationships and even their wealth too are incredible.

There is so much love for Dr Ro and his work – My wish is that you have a look and see what you think.

See more info here.

With much love Karin

Director – VeggieVision


Are you ready to experience an almighty shift? 

Dr Ro and his Turning Point intensive weekend event is coming to Birmingham for the first time this April 2013!

Have you experienced a life-changing event that stands out in your mind as a significant turning point?  Most of us have experienced one, if not more of these life changing moments, albeit positive or negative, that has woken us up to change and growth, taking us out of our comfort zone and onto the next renewal phase of our life journey.

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t experienced a major shift in your life to date, here is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to better cope with major Turning Points, within a safe and controlled environment.  Your host for the weekend will be the man behind this amazing experience, author of the Amazon-best-selling book, Turning Point and his associated training brand, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, affectionately known as ‘Dr Ro’.

According to Dr Ro: “Over the last 20 years I have been teaching and sharing with global audiences big and small on all aspects of personal and professional development.  For me, my passion is helping people change and grow through a personal development brand I launched last year, Turning Point, based on an initial six-step programme that incorporates mindset, health/vitality, relationships and work/wealth as integrated factors that reflect our overall wellbeing.  We call this, quite simply, re-designing your life or human re-engineering.

“Visiting Birmingham is a great opportunity for me to share and learn from locals about their own life Turning Points, with a view to helping people, not just for now but for a better, healthier and wealthier future,” added Dr Ro.

Details for Dr Ro’s 3-day Turning Point weekend event in Birmingham are as follows:-

Date:           Fri 19 April – Sun 21 April 2013

Time:           9.00am – 10.00pm each day (times are approximate)

Cost:           £497.00 per person (with a second guest ticket for only £147!)

Click here for more info and to book.

– Book now to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

Venue:         Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham International Arena


For more information about Dr Ro and Turning Point please visit  Follow us on twitter and facebook!

According to Dr Ro:

“When I wrote the book Turning Point, I wanted to find a way to help everyone that read it discover simple ways to create positive change in their life.  Writing that book was a great process for me because it forced me to look at how the process of change could be simplified so that EVERYONE could get the results I and my clients had been able to achieve.  Eventually, it came down to a simple Six-Step Process that can be applied to any area of your life at any given point.

“However, one thing I know about creating change is that there needs to be a lot of emotional energy in place to help the changes to ‘stick’.  Books are great at understanding the process, but I knew that seminars were the place to really make a difference. This was why the Three-Day Turning Point Intensive seminar was created and the results people have realised since attending have been incredible!”.

Turning Point Cover copy small


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