Ditch the sleeping tablets, here’s Alphamusic!

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With 47 million antidepressant prescriptions being doled out annually in the UK, imagine if someone could hand you the effects of meditation, without the need for sleeping pills? Banishing insomnia, resolving depression, improving concentration and helping you find inner calm, and without ever visiting a Tibetan retreat or doing a lotus pose?

Then say “namaste” to Alphamusic. 

Alphamusic has been purposefully created by renowned composer and meditation expert John Levine, to induce alpha brainwaves, a state which improves health and well-being on numerous levels.

It is not ‘new age’ music, because unlike plinky-plonky relaxation CDs and recorded whale sounds, Alphamusic actually causes a change in brain rhythms, like those effected by deep transcendental mediation, to help the body heal.

John’s inspiration for Alphamusic came after he sadly watched his father die of stress-related illnesses and wanted to prevent others from doing the same. It has been tried and tested in with nervous patients in dental surgeries, among clients of therapists, and in groups of hyperactive children, with astounding results. Alphamusic has even had positive outcomes with stressed dogs! 

Hundreds of people have seen tremendous changes in their lives from using Alphamusic.

John has case studies such as a patient with brain injury who found it assisted his recovery process, a woman who overcame her needle phobia, a student who overcame his severe exam anxiety, and a lady who found relief from the terrible pain she suffered through fibromyalgia.

For people who don’t have specific health issues, Alphamusic can help them stay healthy, energised and keep their immune system boosted.

One firm fan is the world famous health expert Patrick Holford, who says: 

“John Levine’s Alphamusic albums are a highly effective, drug free alternative. Try them. They work.”

There are 17 different-themed Alphamusic CDs to buy online, starting from £11.99.

Popular among women is ‘Orange Grove Siesta’, and among men, ‘Amber’. Free samples are available from John’s website: http://www.silenceofmusic.com

Alphamusic is NOT ‘new age’ music – it is music that has been scientifically tested to alter brainwaves and promote healing.

John Levine is an Australian composer and Bachelor of Music Composition Sydney University,Australia.

He was also the music director of the Kinetic Energy Dance Company and co-founder and writer of the hit song, ‘Back of the Woods’ (ATLA Polygram). John has composed and produced music for television, including work for: McCann Ericson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Coca Cola Company, Max Factor and Cinzano.

At university, John became deeply interested in meditation. He studied at the Sydney Transcendental Meditation Center and pursued a wider understanding of meditational practices. The more he learned, the more certain John was that he could write music deliberately aimed at stimulating the brain to produce the waves we need to function at different levels.

John composed the first Alphamusic CD in 1984 and it’s still being used today. His compositions are based on the centuries-old Pentatonic and Lydian scales. While he was too late to help his father, John has now helped hundreds of other people on the path to recovery with Alphamusic.


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  • 1. karen  |  July 19, 2013 at 9:01 am

    This is a great technique to improve your sleep, it sounds really attractive to avoid the traditional methods which sometimes are not very pleasant.


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