About VeggieVision TV

Here at VeggieVision  TV we will be bringing you super programmes including information, education and entertainment for cruelty-free living and animal-free eating.

After spending time and money into getting a veggie TV programme off the ground and being told that “It’s ahead of its time” and too much of a “niche” market, Karin Ridgers realised that she needed to say “How can we promote veganism through the media”, rather than “Its never going to work!” (Thanks Tony Robbins!)

And we thought of the internet!

We waited patiently (well not that patiently at times!) for technology to catch up with our idea and we are pleased to show you version 3 of VeggieVision.TV.

Please check out our exciting links and ways to earn and save dosh too.

VV_col_square BRAND NEWwww.veggievision.tv


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