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New Interactive Vegan App from Shine On Raw


Exciting stuff if you are like me and into yummy raw foods as our super VeggieVision friend  Rebecca Kane – “Raw Food Royalty” – presenter and author of 2 books Turning Your Shine On and Shine Inside and Out has just launched her new FREE interactive app – and within weeks it has had over 6,000 downloads simply by word of mouth.

The Shine on Raw app is full of easy, tasty, healthy recipes – all with ingredients from the supermarket that take less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


Every recipe is free from too – Free from gluten, dairy, egg and wheat.

The recipes will change every month and it has some really cool features including ‘food cam’ – this allows you to upload photos of your own raw food creations too and share them with others.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can download it straightaway.


The official Shine On Raw app contains an ever growing number of quick, easy and delicious raw food recipes with photos of each recipe. Recipes include raw chocolate brownies, raw cheesecakes, raw ‘pasta’ and raw ‘rice’ dishes.

The food you eat literally creates you, so just by making small changes in your diet can lead to you feeling more vibrant, leaner and stronger.

The raw food recipes in this app really will nourish you from the Inside Out.

The Shine On Raw app:

– Get your latest free raw food recipes
– Contains quick, easy and delicious recipes
– All recipes can be made/prepared in under 30 minutes
– New raw food recipes continually added
– Videos showing you how to prepare your delicious food
– Share pictures of your recipes with others and stay inspired
– Get your special app offers & updates
– Keep up with events all year around

7 - desserts strawberry tart (4)

Download the Shine On Raw app right now and start enjoying amazing raw food recipes. The raw food recipes included in this app are quick and easy and made with ingredients found in your local supermarket, with equipment you probably already have in your kitchen.

Each and every recipe in this app will delight your senses and have you joining the hundreds who have said “I can’t believe this is healthy food, it tastes so good”


*About Shine On Raw*

Rebecca Kane, the founder of Shine On Raw, has a passion for sharing quick, easy and delicious recipes so that everyone can up-level their food choices, by adding these recipes to their day. She is the author of two books including ‘Raw Food Recipes to make you Shine Inside and Out’. She shares simple and satisfying recipes and hints and tips at

Rebecca Kane is passionate about making recipes for everyone that are easy and fast – taking less than 30 minutes to make. And using ingredients that you can find at the local supermarket or in the High Street.

You can sign up for her ezine and receive a free raw food recipe eBook by going to:

Shine on RAW-1315

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Getting Your Protein Fix The Vegan Way

Getting Your Protein Fix The Vegan Way

One of the most commonly raised questions with regard to a vegan diet seems to be: “If you’re not eating meat, how on earth do you get any protein into your diet?” The answer is that you can do so and quite easily!

Many people still assume that the only way to get protein into our diets is to either consume meat or cheese. This wrongly leads to the notion that somehow vegans and vegetarians are weaker and lacking in stamina compared to their animal protein consuming friends and relatives.

Why we need protein

The word protein comes from the Greek ‘Protos’ meaning ‘first’, Our bodies take the protein from the food we eat and use it to maintain healthy cell and tissue functioning and give us the energy we need to keep going on a daily basis. Without it we’d feel decidedly weak and lethargic. However, many people and especially meat eaters consume far too much protein in their diets – without really realising they’re doing so. It’s easy to get more than enough protein from a vegan diet, here are some great ways to incorporate it into your eating plan.

The best sources of protein for a vegan diet

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds offer a great deal in terms of overall nutrients and not just protein. However, one thing to bear in mind is that they are higher in fat that some other foods in the vegan diet and therefore shouldn’t be relied on as the only source of protein. Things like cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pine nuts are all excellent sources to add into vegetable and salad dishes as well as a snack in their own right.

Seeds are also another great way of getting a good protein hit. Two of the best are Hemp and Chia. Both of these seeds can be added to breakfast cereals or ground up and added to smoothies. They contain around eleven grams of protein per ounce serving, which will give a great energy boost. Don’t forget things like pumpkin seeds either, a super addition to give crunch and texture to salads and even in vegan flapjack recipes or other baking.



You really only need to know one word here and that’s Quinoa. This super food can offer as much as nine grams of protein per serving and also is a wonderful alternative for any vegan (or non vegan) who suffers from gluten intolerance and can’t eat traditional wholegrains. A hearty bowl of Quinoa porridge made with nut or soy milk is a wonderful start to the day and a real protein boost.

Of course, the more well known staples of brown rice, whole-wheat bread and barley also offer good amounts of protein and have the added bonus of filling you up for fewer calories. Adding barley or rice into wholesome homemade soups will bulk them out and make them taste richer, creamier and heartier.

Organic Buckwheat

Green Vegetables

Probably a foodstuff you didn’t think about, but it’s true – green veggies are an excellent source of protein. For instance, a hearty serving of steamed or stir fried Kale will offer you around five grams, a portion of wilted spinach around seven grams and fresh or frozen peas in the same amount will give you around nine grams. These are also great sources of iron and fiber too, so a great all round addition to your plate.

Soy products

One of the great things about things like Tofu, Soy and Tempeh is that alongside being a great way to take in more protein, they are also ‘flavor acceptors’ and therefore don’t tend to become boring or uninteresting. You can add lots of herbs and spices or stocks to them to add color and taste. Typically, a serving of Tofu will provide ten grams of protein, whilst a helping of Tempeh will give a whopping forty one grams. Similarly, something like Seitan in the same sized serving will give around thirty grams of protein. Remember that eating things like Soy yoghurt and even soy ice cream will all give you protein as well. These meat substitutes can be used in place of traditional meat in chillies, stir fries, pasta sauces and on salads.

Traditional Burger copy

Beans and legumes

The next time you make soup, or a hearty vegan stew be sure to add in plenty of beans, lentils and legumes. Foods such as kidney beans, chick peas and split peas that benefit from long, slow cooking are rich in easily digestible protein and fiber, making them an excellent choice to give you energy and keep your blood sugar stable. A portion of kidney beans, cooked, will give you around fourteen grams of protein. Dried beans that require soaking are perfect for soups and stews, whilst the canned versions are ideal for stir fries and for adding into salads.


Protein supplements

Perhaps you are still concerned about not getting enough protein or that you just feel you could do with a boost in some way. It can be helpful to have some sort of health supplement to add into your diet like Hemp, Pea or Soy Protein Isolate Powder or indeed a vegan capsule, that offers a complex of amino acids and omega 3 oils that can help boost how your body responds and assimilates the protein it takes in on a daily basis. Very often, a supplement can offer peace of mind if you are concerned, but can also provide an extra source of easily digestible protein that is easy to take on board if you exercise a lot or are generally on the go and need healthy, filling fuel quickly. They are also worth looking into if some of the foods mentioned above are not to your taste.

Check out our sites and for veggie TV – and veggie dating! Yay!


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Ditch the sleeping tablets, here’s Alphamusic!



With 47 million antidepressant prescriptions being doled out annually in the UK, imagine if someone could hand you the effects of meditation, without the need for sleeping pills? Banishing insomnia, resolving depression, improving concentration and helping you find inner calm, and without ever visiting a Tibetan retreat or doing a lotus pose?

Then say “namaste” to Alphamusic. 

Alphamusic has been purposefully created by renowned composer and meditation expert John Levine, to induce alpha brainwaves, a state which improves health and well-being on numerous levels.

It is not ‘new age’ music, because unlike plinky-plonky relaxation CDs and recorded whale sounds, Alphamusic actually causes a change in brain rhythms, like those effected by deep transcendental mediation, to help the body heal.

John’s inspiration for Alphamusic came after he sadly watched his father die of stress-related illnesses and wanted to prevent others from doing the same. It has been tried and tested in with nervous patients in dental surgeries, among clients of therapists, and in groups of hyperactive children, with astounding results. Alphamusic has even had positive outcomes with stressed dogs! 

Hundreds of people have seen tremendous changes in their lives from using Alphamusic.

John has case studies such as a patient with brain injury who found it assisted his recovery process, a woman who overcame her needle phobia, a student who overcame his severe exam anxiety, and a lady who found relief from the terrible pain she suffered through fibromyalgia.

For people who don’t have specific health issues, Alphamusic can help them stay healthy, energised and keep their immune system boosted.

One firm fan is the world famous health expert Patrick Holford, who says: 

“John Levine’s Alphamusic albums are a highly effective, drug free alternative. Try them. They work.”

There are 17 different-themed Alphamusic CDs to buy online, starting from £11.99.

Popular among women is ‘Orange Grove Siesta’, and among men, ‘Amber’. Free samples are available from John’s website:

Alphamusic is NOT ‘new age’ music – it is music that has been scientifically tested to alter brainwaves and promote healing.

John Levine is an Australian composer and Bachelor of Music Composition Sydney University,Australia.

He was also the music director of the Kinetic Energy Dance Company and co-founder and writer of the hit song, ‘Back of the Woods’ (ATLA Polygram). John has composed and produced music for television, including work for: McCann Ericson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Coca Cola Company, Max Factor and Cinzano.

At university, John became deeply interested in meditation. He studied at the Sydney Transcendental Meditation Center and pursued a wider understanding of meditational practices. The more he learned, the more certain John was that he could write music deliberately aimed at stimulating the brain to produce the waves we need to function at different levels.

John composed the first Alphamusic CD in 1984 and it’s still being used today. His compositions are based on the centuries-old Pentatonic and Lydian scales. While he was too late to help his father, John has now helped hundreds of other people on the path to recovery with Alphamusic.

2012 02 16 jbl pr black portrait

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Happy Mondays headline VegfestUK Bristol’s tenth birthday party

Happy Mondays headline VegfestUK Bristol’s tenth birthday party May 25th 2013

The original Happy Mondays are on course to headline a 5,000 capacity outdoor gig in the heart of Bristol next May as they take centre stage at VegfestUK Bristol’s tenth birthday party on Saturday May 25th 2013, along with support from 808 State and The Farm, plus a DJ slot from Peter Hook (New Order/Joy Division).


And with Caravan Palace headlining Friday, with support from Kitten and the Hip and The Boxettes, and The Abyssinians heading up the reggae sunsplash on Sunday with Macka B, Bristol is in for a musical as well as foodie treat as VegfestUK Bristol comes of age and goes into double figures as one of the longest established and most successful independent food and music events in Bristol.

New Image

Around 25,000 visitors are expected over the three day festival, many of them from out of town, and many of them experiencing the delights of 100% plant based food for the first time too – VegfestUK Bristol is the world’s biggest veggie event and there are no animal products permitted at the event.

Glyn Ridgers-45

During the daytime (11am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday) visitors can expect a feast of different cuisine from across the globe, along with 125 stalls crammed with goodies including food, bodycare, clothes, fashion and accessories, and campaigns merchandise as well as information in abundance about the benefits of the plant based lifestyle, along with recipes, nutritional information, cookery demos, talks, a cinema and a host of entertainment including comedy hours, live music and performance. Admission is only £2 adults and £1 kids/claimants/OAP’s during the daytime up to 6pm (pay on gate).

Glyn Ridgers-68

Then in the evenings the Main Stage takes over proceedings and some of the biggest headliners to ever grace an outdoor stage in Bristol take centre point and crank up the PA for some fantastic sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Admission to the Friday and Saturday evening events is by advance ticket only – there are no tickets available on the gate. Tickets for Friday (Caravan Palace) are priced £15 + fees, and for Saturday (Happy Mondays, 808 State, The Farm, Peter Hook) its £25 + fees. Sunday (The Abyssinians, Macka B) admission is £5 after 6pm, pay on gate.  Tickets available from and from

Glyn Ridgers-73

And with an after-hours parties on Saturday too, it looks like Bristol and veggies in particular will be spending most of the weekend eating and dancing – a great way to celebrate 10 years as this event enters its second decade, having been established in 2003 as an annual event in the heart of Bristol.

Glyn Ridgers-41

For more information about VegfestUK Bristol, see VegfestUK has two other shows in 2013 – one in Brighton (March 16th 17th) and one in London (October 5th 6th) – see for information.

The event is sponsored by Oatly, Goodlife, Redwood Foods, Fry’s Distribution, Nakd, Bute Island, Yaoh, Eco Vegan Shoes, Sunseed Organics, The Vegan Society, Sustainable Transport, Out of Hand,Vegfund and Koko Dairy Free, along with media partners Excellart, Veggie Vision, Foods for Life, Resurgence Magazine and Vegetarian Living.

Brighton Vfest 2013-3


See u there!!

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Orchard, Macka B and Dr Ro – Karin Ridgers Vegetarian Living Column

Karin Ridgers Vegetarian Living Column 

Get the PDF here  Karin’s column or read below! :O)

 Most delicious meal:

Just pop across the road at Holborn and there you will find the little sister of Vanilla Black a new relaxed style ideal for a smart lunchtime treat at Orchard – the Vegetarian Kitchen.

Wonderfully decorated with reclaimed and old fashioned pieces Orchard just feels different to a regular restaurant – and this is what they wanted. A place where you feel like you are in a friend’s kitchen.

There are always vegan options on the menu and while my friend (the rather super Jamie Coombs the owner of scrummy Nak’d bars) enjoyed a gorgeous fresh sandwich with homemade bread and 3 different salads I opted for the Roasted Shallot and Hazelnut Tart, Wilted Greens and Sweet Onion. And rather delicious it was too.

We tried some new fresh juices and checked out the rest of the menu – planning for next time!

Just one vegan desert, however I was so full that I asked for a half size portion and they brought me a gorgeous little Seasonal Fruit Stew, Oat Clusters and Cinnamon Cream….

A great place to have a relaxed meeting, enjoy a veggie breakfast before starting work or treat yourself to a fresh tasty veggie lunch.

I am rather jealous of the lucky people who work near there!

A super place and would be even better with some more vegan options……

See Vanilla Blacks website for more

New friend:

Macka B – we have had some super chats and I am so excited to be working with his on his new album…..Change the World.

Macka B is much loved all over the world and brings his vegan message into his lyrics… I adore WhatMaEat – see the video on VeggieVision TV!

macka b photo 2011

Great book

I have known Dr Rohan Weerasinghe for many years and so excited to be reading his new book…..The Bald Truth. Packed with tips and advice to ‘Tune in and get inspired’!

Rohan walks his talk and adores being vegetarian. He has inspired thousands of people all over the world and check out VeggieVision TV for updates of his amazing events that can change your life.

Rohan 240211 078-1

Best laugh:

Doing the outside broadcast at the Olympics with BBC Essex – the power of having a microphone in your hand allows you to chat to anyone. Remembering the brightly coloured French and Dutch supporters and also the nearly naked Italian supporters somehow still makes me smile!

Sadie at Stratford



Until next time peeps!

Karin xx

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Indian Summer Brighton – modern Gujarati restaurant with decent vegan choices


A massive welcome to our new team player the most fabulous writer and vegan extraordinaire Andrea Wren (Huge round of applause.. )  :O)


Indian Summer Brighton – modern Gujarati restaurant with decent vegan choices

By Andrea Wren (freelance journalist and vegan food blogger at Chocolate and Beyond)


IS ext

Gujarati flavours abound with the taste sensations that were presented to me and my dining companion at Indian Summer in Brighton. And what a delight to find out that Manesh Agnihotri, the restaurant owner, was taught to cook by his mother – who was vegetarian. Though ten years ago, before opening Indian Summer, Manesh’s was making medical prosthetics!

I do say, it made a refreshing change to go to an Indian restaurant and not see a menu that was listing onion bhajis, samosas, bhuna, madras, korma and dupiaza. And Indian Summer is anything but those out-dated and British-geared dishes that overwhelm the choice at your standard ‘curry house’. In fact, Indian Summer is also anything but a curry house.

Modern browns and chocolates in a low-lit, romantic setting create a relaxed but sophisticated ambience, so far removed from flock wallpaper and lights too bright. And the restaurant was clearly popular, since we had just managed to get the only table free.

Restaurant manager Tim was very knowledgeable on the dishes more than happy to give us the low-down on the vegan dining options, and they were very adequate. Also – they were well-referenced with a vegan symbol to indicate, as were the gluten-free options.

We started with a small tasting portion of the speciality there, Bhel Puri, which is vegan on request (minus the yoghurt). This was a delicious little crunchy bowl of puffed rice, onion, tomato, chick peas and also crisp sticks of gram flour (like a sophisticated Bombay mix and salad combo, but much nicer). It was fresh and light, and an unusual starter.

As part of our more substantial starter, I adored the Veg Manchurian – dumplings made with carrot, cauliflower and cabbage, stir-fried with a spicy peppers and spring onions. And for main we enjoyed the Gujarati favourite on the menu – the Vegetable Thali.

This was a mixed platter of vegetable-based curries and daal came along with pickles and spicy fried potatoes, as well as a roti bread and some poppadum. The coconut chutney was a perfect accompaniment.


We were also given a rhubarb sorbet to cleanse the palate between dishes – sharp, tangy flavours  and just enough sweetness made this utterly divine. I wish there’d been more of the the sorbet – but just because I liked it so much, not because it wasn’t the right amount for the purpose it was serving. However, we  were definitely able to fill our boots on the portions of food overall.

While the vegan options are not extensive over the other menu choices, the standard of the vegan dishes and the creativity and imagination that has gone into them makes up for this. Two courses at Indian Summer will set you back £22.75 at dinner, with 3 courses at £27.98. For the quality of food and service, it’s very much worth it.

Indian Summer:


IS in land

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Celebrate St George’s Day!

My super friend Giles has a FAB event next week – please do pop along and tell others too!

Details of the St George’s Day Celebrations in the historic and beautiful market town of Saffron Walden, Essex this year on Tuesday April 23rd.

PC Flyer - small

Now that the sun is shining and the trees are blossoming we can really appreciate the myth and magic behind St George.  What a time of year to appreciate our beautiful land and celebrate St George’s Day!

Saffron Walden is a place where there is a true revival of the spirit of St George taking place.

This years event is a real community affair with a full day and evening of music and merriment with the Dragon and entourage stopping at historic sites, schools, churches, special needs centres and a finale concert in the evening.

The event is organised by Giles Bryant, founder of World Healing Project and an expert of the folklore and mythology of our very own Patron Saint, whose folk song “George and the Dragon” will ring out throughout the day.

The event will be a colourful community celebration and Giles and team encourage everyone to come along and enjoy what will be a tremendous day.

11am          Common Labyrinth

11.30am     Castle Mound

12 noon       St Mary’s Church for songs and prayers for St George with Revd. David Tomlinson

12.30pm     Holy Well

1.00pm       Folk Music and English Wines at Joseph Barnes

1.45pm       Music in the market square

2.00pm       24-bit The Perpetual Choirs album launch at Chew and Osbourne

3.00pm       Essex Cares, Centre for Learning Disabilities

st georges day

The evening charity concert will now take place at Friends Meeting House, High Street, Saffron Walden at 7.30pm and will feature music from The Perpetual Choirs.

Tickets are £5 for adults and £1 for children.

More details from 01799 521966,,

St Georges Day April 2013

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