I Am Sooo Excited – It’s Turing Point This Weekend!

I am sooo excited as this weekend I am seeing my super friend Dr Ro in action in Birmingham… I will be telling you more about this exciting event too.

You too can come along too you know… do have a look at the website and see if being part of this exciting journey to live the life you want to lead is for you!

It is for me!

Dr Ro is the human re engineer – we will be looking at relationship issues, financial issues and health too.

I am sooo excited!

See Dr Ro on VeggieVision TV too :O)

So who is Dr Rohan Weerasinghe and what is your Turning Point?

Rohan 240211 078-1For almost two decades, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe has been speaking to audiences in the fields of education, inspiration, personal growth, business and wealth creation. He now travels the world delivering an inspiring message that empowers people to live a more purposeful, exciting and fulfilling life.

It wasn’t always this way for Rohan and as a young boy he watched his father suffer multiple strokes, come paralysed in one side and blind, whilst his mother worked two jobs to feed both him and his two brothers.

“Losing my father at the age of 13 was a major Turning Points in my life” says Rohan.

He is quick to point out that this was one of many Turning Points that include a divorce, walking away from a career with a PhD, failure and success in business and seeing his mum experience cancer.

However, what draws so many people to watch Rohan speak again and again is his passionate belief that we all have the ability to turn any situation around on a personal and business level.

Having touched ten of thousands of lives, Rohan is now recognised as one of the UK’s most inspiring speakers. He is called upon by companies, seminar organisers, sales organisations, training companies, charities, colleges and universities to deliver his powerful impactful message.

Rohan published an Amazon Best Selling book Turning Point which he has also developed into three a day intensive program. This has proved to an invaluable resource to 1000’s of people.

Dee Andersone, based in Essex lost over 6 stone in a year after seeing Dr Ro and taking part in the 3 day Turning Point event– she says:

“Having had the chance to learn my core values and beliefs has given me my life back.

I am now a healthy, happy and confident woman. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Rohan, his team and the people that were there developing their own turning points that weekend. It truly is life changing stuff.”

The process and tools Rohan shares help to provide rapid and lasting change for anyone prepared to apply them correctly.

See more about Dr Ro at www.drro.tv



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Loch Ness Monster Burger suitable for those on vegan diets

McDonalds Restaurants will celebrate 40 years of Loch Ness Monster research with a ‘better than meat’ sea horse flavour Loch Ness Monster Burger suitable for those on vegan diets and approved by the UK Vegan & Vegetarian Society. Burgers are said to be being biked over to Vegan celebrities such as Russell Brand and Sir Paul McCartney today for feedback. The burger chain have launched the new menu idea  in response to a *40% surge in demand for vegan foods. (* Vegfest UK 2013)In 1973, Adrian Shine ( Vegetarian , 60 ) , leader of the Loch Ness & Morar Project , near Inverness in Scotland, constructed the manned underwater observation chamber “Machan”. He subsequently led over 1000 students and lay volunteers on expeditions, training them to observe, sample and record data. In more recent collaborations, projects have involved workers from some 20 universities and academic institutions within the UK and overseas.

It’s thought that a vegan monster burger would be a fitting way to mark Adrian Shines’s 40 year quest  to find The Loch Ness Monster especially as Adrian Shine is a long term vegetarian himself. The Big McMonster has been developed with help from author of the Ultimate Book of Vegan Cooking , Tony Bishop-Weston and leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston.  The secret vegan recipe is a closely guarded unique blend of quinoa, amaranth, chlorella, buckwheat, hemp and chia seeds.

Yvonne says “This new recipe beats meat not just on flavour, but also on nutrition as it contains more vitamins B 12, A, K, and D,  more iron, more zinc, more fibre, more calcium, more anti oxidants and much more omega 3 essential fats than a hamburger or a beef burger. Because it is 100% plant based the recipe is also free from saturated animal fat and risk of BSE and E-Coli contamination and environmentally sustainable.”

The burger will be served with a new realistic, Swiss, dairy free cheese, Vegusto being launched at Natural and Organic Products Europe n April and a mayo by Plamil foods made using an algae derived omega 3 EPA /DHA additive.

1p from the sale of every burger will go towards sponsorship of James Cameron’s deep water project to fully explore Loch Ness. James holds the record for diving deeper than any man on the planet had ever done before and believes you can’t call yourself an environmentalist and not be a vegan.

It’s possible that James’s quest may be fruitless as Loch Ness local resident, John McKenzie, claims to have eaten the Loch Ness Monster on his way back to Ullapool one night after a heavy session involving some Bulgarian watch and caviar salesmen and lots of whiskey.

John McKenzie reveals “I was walking back to Ullapool from Drumnadrochit when I came across a beast in the middle of the road that had clearly been hit by a truck. I was quite hungry, having missed my dinner the night before and with breakfast time approaching, I built a fire and I barbecued the thing and ate it. I’m quite fond of venison. It was only when the sun started coming over the hills and I realised that the creature’s head was a bit strange for a hind, the neck was far longer than normal and the legs were more like oars. It suddenly dawned on me that I had eaten the Loch Ness Monster. Fearful that information like this, the death of the Loch Ness monster, could devastate an economy that depends on a buoyant tourist industry I used the fins to paddle out to the centre of Loch Ness on a log and dispose of the evidence”

A local expert said however “The Loch Ness Monster that John Mackenzie reports eating is far smaller than most of the reports of sightings we have recorded at The Loch Ness Project. It’s possible this could have been a youngster in which case it would give hope rather than finality to our quest”

Editors Notes

Embargoed until April 1st

Google, VefestUK, Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society all report 40 % rise in interest in vegan diets in 2013

Vegfest UK is at Bristol on 24th/ 25th / 26th May for National Vegetarian Week and London Olympia on October 5th/ 6th and celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary with the Vegfest Awards

Vegfest London Tickets on sale from http://london.vegfest.co.uk/news/38-tickets-on-sale-for-london

* We LOVE Tony Bishop Weston :O)

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Ensuring Adequate Iron Intake from a Vegan Diet

Ensuring Adequate Iron Intake from a Vegan Diet

Anaemia is a health problem worldwide, affecting around 1.6 billion people across the globe. Symptoms include extreme tiredness, breathlessness and impaired mental function, which can not only impact on day to day activities, but can impair quality of life. Although anaemia can have a variety of causes, it is most commonly due to a deficiency of iron.

While this can be due to increased losses of iron, as in the case with digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and coeliac disease where malabsorption is a feature, it is most commonly the result of inadequate dietary iron.

Children and younger women are most susceptible due to the higher requirements needed for growth, during pregnancy and to replace losses during menstruation. Although meat is the richest natural source of iron available, there are a range of plant-based foods that each contribute a sizeable amount of this essential mineral. There is also evidence that meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans can be at a similar risk of iron-deficiency anaemia.

While the complete avoidance of all animal produce in a vegan diet could potentially place them at greater risk, careful dietary choices can prevent this problem. Here we examine the main plant-based sources of iron and how to minimise the risk of developing anaemia.

Vegan sources of iron

Plants may not widely be thought of as having a high iron content, but even when these form the sole basis of the diet it is still possible to meet our iron needs completely from these:

  • As vegans rely heavily on peas, beans and lentils for protein, they are already eating one of the richest forms of iron from plant sources. Although all pulses are a good source, soya beans and their derivatives such as tofu and tempeh are richest of all, so vegans who do not regularly consume soya products should consider its inclusion in their diet more often. Ideally pulses should be eaten twice daily to maximise iron intake, but with so many to choose from and a wealth of dishes that can incorporate them, boredom should not be a worry.
  • Green leafy vegetables are another vegetable source of iron. Although cabbage and broccoli might be those most commonly consumed and do provide a helping hand towards adequate iron intake, other greens provide a greater contribution. Spinach, Swiss chard and turnip greens give you the most iron per serving and while the former may be readily available, if you struggle to find the other two for purchase, why not consider growing your own? You don’t require a lot of land and even if you only have a yard or a garden devoted entirely to lawn and patio, they can be grown happily in large pots or grow bags. While leafy vegetables aren’t always a popular choice, include them daily if you follow a vegan diet.
  • Nuts and seeds provide another helpful offering of iron. Add tahini (sesame seed spread) to your toast in the morning or nuts to your cereal; it is also useful to note that many cereals have added iron and can make a significant contribution to your daily intake, so check the packaging to be sure. Cashews are amongst those nuts with the highest iron content and work well added to stir-fries; meanwhile toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds add a nice crunch when tossed with a salad.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, make use of dried fruits for extra iron. Eat a small handful for a snack or serve them with cereal, yoghurt or use in baking – they work well added to flapjacks, cookies and muffins. However, be mindful that they are packed with sugar, so eating large quantities could lead to weight gain or interfere with blood glucose control in diabetes. On a similar note, while adding extra sugar to the diet isn’t recommended, if you already use it in hot drinks, on cereal or you bake frequently, unrefined sugar and particularly molasses is another source of iron.
  • It shouldn’t be forgotten that certain starchy foods add extra iron to the diet. On top of fortified breakfast cereals, wholemeal bread, bulgar wheat, potato, millet and brown rice also make a contribution.

Aiding absorption of iron

The iron from plant foods is present in a different form to that in meat and is not as readily absorbed by the body. As a result, those choosing a plant-based diet can require up to twice as much iron from their food to compensate. However, the absorption of plant-based non-haem iron can be encouraged by taking a couple of dietary steps.

Firstly, the inclusion of Vitamin C rich fruit and vegetables with meals converts non-haem iron into a more favourable form for absorption; so where possible have citrus fruits, berries, kiwis, tomatoes, peppers or green vegetables with every meal to give your body the best chance to take up the iron in your meals. It is also important to be aware that drinking tea and coffee with meals can hamper iron uptake by as much as 65% due to the presence of phenolic compounds.

There is no need to exclude tea and coffee from the diet (although there are some super herbal ‘alternatives’! – Karin), particularly as these are a good source of antioxidants, but instead avoid them for an hour before and after mealtimes; water, Vitamin C enriched squash, fruit juice, herbal or fruit teas all make good alternative drinks with meals.

A vegan diet can contribute the right balance of nutrients including iron, as long as some thought is taken into our food choices and how we can make the iron more available to our body. As a result there should be no need to routinely take an iron supplement.

Thanks to Expert writer Eve Pearce for these super tips.

For recipes, tips and film clips have a look at www.veggievision.tv


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Celebrities Unite for the 4th Animal Rescue Awards with Wetnose Animal Aid


When Wendy Turner Webster invited us to the Wetnose Awards I was over the moon.


And to receive repeat invites after that too! WOW!


So this is the 3rd awards I have been to and each year they grow and the stories – well there are some super hero’s around that’s for sure.

I will add stories over the coming days ….. and for now here is a round up of this years amazing winners…. :O)

Celebrities unite for the 4th animal rescue awards to celebrate their hard work and help highlight the plight independent animal rescue centres are faced with today.

 Celebrity animal lovers attended the annual Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Green Carpet Awards in Knightsbridge on Monday 11th March to award, applaud and acknowledge animal rescue centres across the UK.

Hosted by Wendy Turner-Webster (former presenter of Channel 4’s Pet Rescue and animal campaigner) for the fourth year, the awards were held at the Jumeriah Carlton Tower Hotel, Knightsbridge with Robert Powell, Anthea Turner, Michelle Collins, 2 shoes (XFactor), Lesley Nicol, Helen Chamberlain, Denise Welsh, Neil Fox (Dr Fox) and Virginia McKenna among those who attended to give those behind animal rescue a round of ‘appaws’.


Founded by not-for-profit organisation Wetnose Animal Aid, the annual Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards, recognise the valuable and endless work small, independent rescue centres do in caring for and rehoming abandoned and unwanted animals in the UK and overseas.

The awards also honour the ‘Best Rescue Centre’ for categories such as small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas), cats, dogs, horses and wildlife. Headline sponsor Burgess Pet Care, one of the UK’s leading producers of pet food, also gave out awards for the Best Rescue Story and the Best Rescue Pet.

The Winners who received a £1,000 donation were:

  • Inky the dog from Merseyside for Best Rescue Pet (case study in notes to editor)
  • Henry the Springer from Devon for Best Rescue Story (case study in notes to editor)
  • German Shepherd Dog Rescue in Herefordshire for Best Breed Rescue Centre
  • Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in North Somerset for Best Cat Rescue Centre
  • Doris Banham Dog Rescue in London for Best Dog Rescue Centre
  • Equine Market Watch Sanctuaries UK in Worcester for Best Horse Rescue Centre
  • New Life Parrot Rescue  in St Neots for Best Bird/Parrot Rescue Centre
  • The Rabbit Residence Rescue in Hertfordshire for Best Small Animal Rescue Centre
  • Wildlife Aid Foundation in Surrey for Best Wildlife Rescue Centre
  • Grove Lodge Vets in Southwick for Best Vet Surgery
  • Mayhew Animal Home in London honoured with the Lester Middlehurst Award
  • Nowzad Dogs in Plymouth for the Hero Award
  • Medical Detection Dogs in Milton Keynes for Best Service Award
  • Greyhounds In Need in Middlesex for Best Welfare Success Award
  • Animals Asia for Life Time Achievement Award.

Andrea Gamby-Boulger, director of Wetnose Animal Aid, said:

“We are delighted to have held the fourth annual Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards to support the fantastic work that rescue centres across the UK are doing, under the radar and a lot of the time without any recognition or thanks.

The work these independent rescue centres do is crucial for animals around the UK, and some of the rescue stories we’ve heard today really prove how worthwhile their work is. I’d also like to thank all the celebrities who attended; their support in raising awareness of this issue is invaluable.”

MORE stores from Wetnose coming sooooon!


And check out the film clips on VeggieVision coming soooooon! x


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Are you ready to experience an almighty shift?

Well I met Dr Ro about 7 years ago and wow – what a honour to get to know him and his amazing work.  He walks his talk and genuinely wants to make a big difference – and is doing so in a huge way.

I had tears in my eyes and goose bumps when Dr Ro told me that it was after my suggestion he wrote his book Turning Point  :O)

WOW. The book is now published and I can honestly say that it is a must have for everyone who feels that they deserve more from life.

I am hearing amazing stories and talking to people who have had incredible challenges and working with Dr Ro has enabled them to live again.

Dr Ro now runs life changing seminars based on his book Turning Point and I wish everyone – especially the super VeggieVision viewers would just book up now – as the world would be more of an amazing place if us like minded people really stepped up.

Dr Ro is The Human Re Engineer – and the changes people have seen with their health, their relationships and even their wealth too are incredible.

There is so much love for Dr Ro and his work – My wish is that you have a look and see what you think.

See more info here.

With much love Karin

Director – VeggieVision


Are you ready to experience an almighty shift? 

Dr Ro and his Turning Point intensive weekend event is coming to Birmingham for the first time this April 2013!

Have you experienced a life-changing event that stands out in your mind as a significant turning point?  Most of us have experienced one, if not more of these life changing moments, albeit positive or negative, that has woken us up to change and growth, taking us out of our comfort zone and onto the next renewal phase of our life journey.

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t experienced a major shift in your life to date, here is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to better cope with major Turning Points, within a safe and controlled environment.  Your host for the weekend will be the man behind this amazing experience, author of the Amazon-best-selling book, Turning Point and his associated training brand, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, affectionately known as ‘Dr Ro’.

According to Dr Ro: “Over the last 20 years I have been teaching and sharing with global audiences big and small on all aspects of personal and professional development.  For me, my passion is helping people change and grow through a personal development brand I launched last year, Turning Point, based on an initial six-step programme that incorporates mindset, health/vitality, relationships and work/wealth as integrated factors that reflect our overall wellbeing.  We call this, quite simply, re-designing your life or human re-engineering.

“Visiting Birmingham is a great opportunity for me to share and learn from locals about their own life Turning Points, with a view to helping people, not just for now but for a better, healthier and wealthier future,” added Dr Ro.

Details for Dr Ro’s 3-day Turning Point weekend event in Birmingham are as follows:-

Date:           Fri 19 April – Sun 21 April 2013

Time:           9.00am – 10.00pm each day (times are approximate)

Cost:           £497.00 per person (with a second guest ticket for only £147!)

Click here for more info and to book.

– Book now to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

Venue:         Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham International Arena



For more information about Dr Ro and Turning Point please visit www.DrRo.tv  Follow us on twitter and facebook!

According to Dr Ro:

“When I wrote the book Turning Point, I wanted to find a way to help everyone that read it discover simple ways to create positive change in their life.  Writing that book was a great process for me because it forced me to look at how the process of change could be simplified so that EVERYONE could get the results I and my clients had been able to achieve.  Eventually, it came down to a simple Six-Step Process that can be applied to any area of your life at any given point.

“However, one thing I know about creating change is that there needs to be a lot of emotional energy in place to help the changes to ‘stick’.  Books are great at understanding the process, but I knew that seminars were the place to really make a difference. This was why the Three-Day Turning Point Intensive seminar was created and the results people have realised since attending have been incredible!”.

Turning Point Cover copy small

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A huge thank you to drinks21.com for supplying us with the most wonderful Trulli Prosecco

A huge thank you to drinks21.com for supplying the most wonderful Trulli Prosecco we have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. It really added something extra at our speed dating event :O)


Brighton Vfest 2013-242

We know we didn’t have much time with just an hour to get set up, hand everyone a lovely glass of bubbles and then enjoy the whirlwind of the speed dating.

A few people came up to me after and said it was the best wine they have ever had and made a note of the company and wine too.  A company that clearly labels what wine is vegetarian and what wine is vegan.

Brighton Vfest 2013-246

And to add the icing on the egg and dairy free cake is the fact that drinks21.com are now also offering a VeggieVision discount until 5th April so if super bubbly wine that contains no isinglass is your cup of tea then make the most of this generous offer now!


Trulli Prosecco from drinks21.com

Vegan friendly, this fresh, crisp and elegant Prosecco boasts a pale gold colour with delicate fruit flavours and great finesse. Ideal as an aperitif and of course in a Bellini.

For other vegetarian and vegan friendly drinks visit premium online drinks store: drinks21.com 

Quote: veggievision for 20% off your next purchase. Offer available until midnight Fri 5th April 2013.

Veggie and vegan wines from drinks21.com include:

Trulli Prosecco

Louis jadot beaujolais villages ‘combe aux jacques’

Taittinger Brut Reserve NV (gift boxed)

Veggie wines include:

FirstCape Limited Release Merlot

FirstCape Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc

Grant Burge Benchmark Pinot Grigio 2011

Grant Burge Benchmark Rosé 2011

Brighton Vfest 2013-246

To keep in touch for more veggie speed dating events and to connect with likeminded people sign up now for our free newsletter:


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With Thanks to Welch’s for Supporting the VeggieVisionDating Speed Dating Event!

When those lovely people at Welch’s heard about our VeggieVisionDating Speed Dating event they kindly supported by ensuring that everyone would be offered a non alcoholic option with their fresh and tasty juices.


White Grape Light, Rosé Grape Light and White Grape and Raspberry and more were enjoyed at the event and with all of the talking going on thanks to Welch’s there was plenty to go around!

The juice is made using Concord grapes and these are grown in Welch’s family-farmer owned vineyards.  Picked at their peak and pressed into juice within eight hours, with 40 grapes in every 200ml glass for a unique tasting, grape experience.

+ Welch’s have welcomed three brand new grape juice varieties into their portfolio this year.

Welch's 2

White Grape Light, Rosé Grape Light and White Grape and Raspberry will be making their appearance on-shelf alongside the current Welch’s range, offering even more choice when it comes to selecting the perfect juice for the whole family to enjoy.

Dre Masso, an expert mixologist who has created cocktails in some of the finest bars across the globe, and been involved with the London cocktail scene for over 15 years has been working with Welch’s to create the ‘Welch’s Temperance Cocktail’ range, using the new juices to create a series of bespoke drinks that are pleasing on the eye, palette and waistline.

Dre told us…

“I created these temperance cocktails by starting with classic cocktails as a reference point and bringing them up-to-date with a Welch’s twist.  Welch’s Juice is so versatile and easy to work with, and goes brilliantly with other flavours to create stand-out drinks that can be easily mixed up at home and enjoyed by the whole family.  It’s also great just straight-up over ice – very easy and refreshing.”

Welch’s White Grape Light and Rosé Grape Light contain half the sugar and carbohydrates and all three new varieties contains calcium and vitamin C.

At the heart of Welch’s is the 100% Grape Juice made with Concord grapes that contain plant nutrients called polyphenols. These Concord grapes give a vibrant colour and act as antioxidants to deliver the benefits that help promote overall health.

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice contains no added sugar, colour or flavouring and is available in stores across the country.

You can like their FB page by clicking here: www.facebook.com/welchsuk

So thank you again Welch’s – we have all become firm fans here at VeggieVision TV!

+ Some yummy cocktail recipes coming soon too :O)

Welch's Pic

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